Is worth the wait for Intel® Core i9?

Is it worth the wait for Intel® Core i9? or should I just go buy a Intel® Core i7 now?
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  1. It's worth the wait if you're doing tasks which are hungry for more threads. But without knowing what you intend to do with the PC, we can only give hypothetical answers.
  2. There is always something faster or better just around the corner. But you need to decide if you truly need (or just want) the extra capabilities of the i9.
  3. wait for the l534543534645653 socket, anything else will just be riticuled.

    +1 jsc.
  4. the first core i9 will be a way over priced piece with 6 cores that no useful program will be able to use :P
  5. i9 comes out when? somewhere around?
  6. 2010
  7. Q1 2010, but if you know the right peeps you can get one now. Also i would wait for it, cuz even if you dont need it the price of everything will drop when it comes out.
  8. Just wait for the i10 instead... no wait, i11. Wait, the i12. Screw it, just get the i1 when it comes out.
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