The +15°C Quad Core core temp offset fixed in SpeedFan?

The thread topic says it all - im sorry if this has been posted many times but i couldnt find it anyway. There used to be a bug or whatever in SpeedFan that displayed the core temps for Quad Cores as roughly 15°C less than the actual values, and i cant find any clearing up on if this has been fixed in the 4.33/4.34 betas? Im wondering cause in the Temp Guide sticky by CompuTronix it used to warn you about this error, but now i dont see the warning anymore...

As im running Vista64 on my rig SpeedFan is pretty much the only reliable core temperature monitoring tool i can run (CoreTemp generally doesnt work - i know about the workarounds but id like to keep it simple), so I'd love it if i could just *trust* SpeedFan now...

Anyone know if i can?
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  1. Nope, there is still a 15c error.
  2. elvarsteinn, see Section 8 - bottom of Note 3, Section 9 - Part 4 Note, and Section 14 - Item (I). The SpeedFan 4.32 / 4.33 +15c offset bug is common to all C2D's with Tjunction Max 100c Steppings, and is not confined to Quad Cores only. Since SpeedFan 4.34 Beta 23 requires users to jump through a few hoops in order to get it downloaded, I haven't recommended it in my Guide simply because some users may find this too cumbersome to bother with it. When 4.34 is release as a final version I will update the Guide at that time.

    Also, if you don't feel 100% confident in the accuracy of your temps, then just follow the Calibration procedure in Section 9.

    Comp :sol:
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