NEED A DOCTOR!! £20 fees

Patient name: Toshiba M45 S265
DOB/Adopted: oct 05

1. Used to get quite hot but I ignored it thinking it was a bad make and I probably need cooling pad.

2. Visiting porn everyday on spankwire and then following link after links.

:roll: suddenly died on me while was idle. The adptor was not plugged in so I thought maybe the batt ran out. So I plugged in the adaptor but nothing came up, not even the blue light which turns on when I plug the adaptor. After plugging and unplugging several times it finally lit. :idea: SMART!! My happiness didn't last long cus while it was just about to start it shut down again. It was as if there was a power failure and even the blue power light was gone.


1. Did the plugging and unplugging and I have managed to get into the window couple of times but couldn't stay more than a minute.

2. Opened the whole laptop.Separated EVERYTHING.(THANKS TO GUY WHO UPLOADED STEP BY STEP PROCESS) Cleaned the headsink which had a bit of clog. Tried starting but still the same.

Now I need a Guru to enlighten me and show me the path to turn on my computer. I have spent about 30 hours working on it and everytime it turns on I smile but then damn thing won't last even for a minute or two.
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  1. ...that is a shit load of porn. Are you like 13 or something?

    On the PC issue, if you cleaned the HS, did you scrape the goo off of the bottom? If you did that was a very bad idea. That is thermal grease which helps to transfer the heat from the proc to the HS quicker and better. If you didn't then you are good in that department. With all that porn I would run a virus scan durring the short time that you can boot into windows. If you can try and start it up in DOS and see how long it will stay on for. IM me at doordand (AIM) or (MSN Meesanger) if you need more help.
  2. lol
  3. Thanks for the replies.

    I will give £20 for anyone coming with right solution. It will probably cost me atlest £50 plus to get it diagnosed and plus more to repair. So its bargain for both of us.

    Date: 12th Mar- I managed to turn it on for couple of minutes but my keyboard was playing up. It would let me type only certain characters. Hence couldn't get into windows cus I have password set to it.

    I will take the keyboard out and replug it and hopefully that will cure the problem. But the computer is still turning off. After lots of fiddling with adaptor jack the LED lights turns on. Then when I try to start it, the light goes off or if lucky it will boot windows. It usually shuts off while booting but sometimes manages to load whole window. But then again it won't last for long.


  4. go out and buy new laptop

    FIEXED :)

    please send me my £20
  5. alright I will send you £20 pounds but my new comp cost me £700 so send me the bal... lol
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