MB AUXTIN temperature hit 416°C (780ºF)?


I smelled something bad near my computer, like something burning, not strong but enough to worry me.

I checked the temperatures using CPUID HWMonitor, and everything seemed fine. Then I ran a some video conversion programs to increase CPU/GPU usage to max, and I got this:


CPU got up to 97°C, GPU up to 91°C, but there something called AUXTIN in the Motherboard section that reached 416°C!!

Can anyone help me telling me what that is, and if my CPU/GPU temperatures are within limits?

Thanks in advance.

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  1. wow that seems bad! i think its probably a glitch with the thermometer i doubt a computer can get that hot. nevertheless it was definatley overheated. make sure the fans are working. other than that i cant explain this.

    Best of Luck,
  2. hey clok555, what was definitely overheating? the MB (based on this AUXTIN temp) or the other stuff?

    all the fans are working, however there is a lot of dust on them.. im going to clean em today.

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