Best sub £100 1155 Motherboard?

Hello Guys,

My first time in these forums /hi.

I am going to be upgrading my dads PC and need a sub £100 motherboard socket 1155, which is the best? Only must is USB 3.0. I was tempted by ASUS as they have always served me well, but i am open to other maufacturers.

I usually go for high end spec gaming PC's so know what to look for myself, but my dad has different needs, it only needs to be able to perform the following to a good level:
External hard drives are used a lot to transfer data
Emails & word processing
Photos (browsing, transferring and basic editing)
Internet browsing
Basic games (civilization, total war, theme park, sims etc...)

Looking forward to responses,
Thanks in advance.
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  1. oh and standard ATX size.
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