Best £100 am3+ motherboard?

so bacacly i have £100 to spend on a motherboard, i was looking at the asus sabretooth 990fx but its just a tiny bit too epxencive :(

whats the best i can get, gona be gaming and massive oc's (something like 4.5-5ghz) on my fx 4170

~The main thing i want from it is to be nice and big so that i can install high profile ram (corsair vengeance with the large heat spreaders) and not have any issues with the cm hyper 212 evo clearing the ram.
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  1. either of those better than the sabretooth?
  2. No. Sabertooth is a higher spec board than eiter of the two I recommened. I chose the two best boards you could get for your 100 budget.
  3. One more suggestion. If you are looking for massive overclocks, then I really recommend ditching the 100 budget and going for a Gigabyte UD5 motherboard. It has the necessary electronics to asupport large overclocks, but doesn't cost as much as the Sabertooth.

    Here's the board I'd get for around 129:
  4. im going for the asus m599x evo :) Thanks found it for like £85 so it seems great
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