Best £55 mobo for amd fx 4170?

Planning to overclock my fx to 4.5ghz so i need to motherboard not to fry when i do that, also i want fast data transfer rates & support for 32gb of ram (putting in 8gb) and be full atx with at least 1 usb 3.0 port

anyone know of a good motherboard that meets my specs for arround £50-60?

also it would have to have the latest bios version otherwise it might not support my new fx chip (not gona buy a second cpu just so i can flash the bios)

In the future i would like to crossfire either a 550ti / 7770 (not decided on which one yet) so it would probably need to have 2 pci slots
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  1. Guys... i really need some help here i have come up with thees motherboards
    and chosen to go with the 7770 from asus

    The GA970a-Ds3 - Gigabyte
    The m5a97 - Asus
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