I can´t flash BIOS from f5 to f11

I went to Gigabyte´s site and downloaded latest BIOS (I have f5-latest is f11) -put the file in a USB and followed instructions

in the manual to Qflash.

When I came to "select BIOS file" i got the message: Warning-incorrect file size! (3.55Mb)

The f11 is an .exe file so I cant extract anything....-or can I? :??:

Hoping for an answer

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  1. Welcome to Tom's Forum! :)

    Yep you need to extract 'run' the (.EXE) downloaded file first to get to the (.ROM) file. Also, only use Q-Flash on Gigabyte MOBO's.
  2. Thank u for answer! I talked with my son about it and we came to the conclusion it is a selfextracting .rar file...

    Thanks again for help! Btw-do you know of any good oc tut on i5 2500K? I have googled it for a while but dont

    seem to find any..

    My prior rig had a PhII 1090T and that was a lot easier to oc! -Lots of parameters to keep in mind with Intel.. :o

  3. It was some sort of selfextracting thing, (.rar or zip or whatever) anyway the F11 is in its location :)
  4. Clunk's SB OC Guide is about the best you'll find - http://www.clunk.org.uk/forums/overclocking/39184-p67-sandy-bridge-overclocking-guide-beginners.html

    Also here's a Gigabyte OC Guide - http://forum.giga-byte.co.uk/index.php?topic=4072.0

    The SB/SB-E/IB is easy to OC once you know what you're doing ;)
  5. Thank u again Jaquith! -I´ll read them both and try to get a grip of things. :)

  6. Well i think i got the hang of it,but my processor seems to be made on a monday...:/

    In order to get to 4.5 Ghz I had to raise Vcore to 1.38 and with temp´s at 73-80C (according to Realtemp)

    3D Mark6 gave me 26119 points with temp´s 70-79C -i have a Gigabyte 6850-result before oc was 22700..

    But I can´t (so it seems) oc in Turbomode?! -Then it requires 1.5 volts!..-a bit confusing...

    Should I be satisfied with this or is there things I have to look in to? (still lot´s of things I dont fully understand)

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