TPU / EPU - P8Z68-V. ¿Enabled o disabled for a non overcloker user?


Right now I'm building my new system but I'm not sure what to do with TPU / EPU switches. I was googling a bit about them, but still not sure.

I have an i5 2500, because I'm not interested in overclocking for now.

Any advice will be appreciated.


EPU is for power saving mode and TPU is for overclocking, right?
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  1. Correct. I just left both switches off. Also do not use the oc tuner in bios or the auto tuning tool in AI suite II to overclock. They both tried to o.c. my system too high and made it unstable. There are plenty of overclocking guides on the net for your cpu/mobo combo. I had never oc'ed in my life and had a stable overclock (26000k @ 4.4ghz) within a couple hours. Your best bet is to go on various forums and read the stickies on p8z68/2500k overclocking guides as well as youtube videos. Way easier than you think.
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