£100-£130 ($150-$200) MoBo for first build?

Hey guys.

I am currently purchasing parts for my first build. I have everything sorted however am having trouble deciding on my motherboard. My first choice was the MSI 890FXA GD-65 however after consideration i think i could stretch the budget a little and go for a better board in keeping with the overall quality of my system. Does anyone have any recommendations on a good board or do you think the one i have chosen looks ok? obviously there is better out there but if the quality is negligible i'd be happy with the one i've chosen. Price range around £100-£130 ($150-$200).

Here is the rest of my system:

CPU: AMD Phenom x4 965 BE
RAM: Corsair Vengeance 8GB
GPU: MSI GTX560ti Twin Frozr II 1gb
HDD: western Digital Caviar Blue 500gb
PSU: OCZ ModsXstream Pro 600w

Thanks in advance.
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  1. Thanks alot for the suggestions.

    After some more research I went with the ASUS 990FX and in the process decided on upgraded CPU and GPU. :)
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