Ntel® Desktop Board DX58SO

i just saw these motherborads and i just wanted to know why are they so expensive(US$2400). do they do anything special . they have 4 ram slots and 3 pci-2.0 slots that doesnt seem worth it for that price or am i missing something . here is a link
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  1. It is likely just the rarity of the board. At this point, the DX58SO is obsolete, replaced by the DX58SO2. The original, which I have currently, is a little quirky in the number of RAM slots it offers and some of the connector replacements. It has two PCIe 2.0 x16 slots and a x4 slot. Basically, Intel took the feedback it got and retooled it in the 58SO2. It's a good board, and I like it, but definitely not worth $2400. (Not sure where you saw it at that price, perhaps it is a bundle of 10 you're looking at?)
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