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Before i spend £400 on random computer stuff, can you all help me?

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August 27, 2011 12:15:28 PM

Hello, I currently am a big gamer so im looking to upgrade my computer around christmass time. Allthough, my computer is abit complicated... such as my computer was actualy a Packard Bell, only now with a new motherboard and Graphics card and a few other things. Anyway, my question is that im upgrading soon and i don't wana spend money on things that my computer cant handle. I'll link my computer Specs here below. and i'll tell you below that what i would like to put in them.

Motherboard: Elitegroup G31T-M7
Ram: 2 x 240-pin DDR2 (I have 1 GB of ram at the moment)
CPU: Intell Core 2 Quad Q8300 (Stock clocked 2.5 GHz)
Graphics Card: Gainward GT 430.
PSU: 500W from Aria.
and my Operating System is: Windows XP home eddition.
My reason in this question is that i need to upgrade my memory and Graphics card in order to play World Of Warcraft at a high settings with next to no lagg. And i can only do that with upgrading. Please tell me if i can put the folowing things into my computer and it actually working, i don't want to spend hard earned money on things that wont be compatible.

If there is anything else i should get to make my computer run games with good FPs then please to tell me, my budget is around £300.

Many thanks, Ben

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August 27, 2011 5:56:45 PM

Thanks for the speedy response, qnother quick question, don't i need to replace my Graphics card? I really want NO lagg in 25 man raids and high areas of population.

Thanks again, you've really helped me out here!
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August 27, 2011 6:08:19 PM

Also, if you can find the 3 products you mentioned before and find them on it would be a great help, i've tried to look for them on that site, but none has been found, but if you can llok at somthing the same, or different, it would be a HUGE help! I can't thank you enough for your help allready!
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August 27, 2011 6:48:48 PM

You would be best grabbing a 460 or an ati 5770/6770 but we play in various areas, cities, I do firelands trashruns when I can, icc 25 was fine,
Can't find the AsRock plate but a comparable one with agood enough chipset is
so the chance of your chip being a quadcore can be explored :) 
any reason for the Aria love? or just a preferred site?
August 28, 2011 7:07:11 PM

Your my friend, are a star!!!!!!! oo, i just want to ask one mroe question, everyting on my current motherboard will fit the new one yes? like hard drive, disk drive PSU and stuff like that? Motherboard link is at the top of the Page.
Again, i REALLY can't thank you enough, i hope you magivly earn 100k irl right now!
August 28, 2011 7:13:20 PM

To the questions you asked:
My love for Aria, my dad built his first computer with Aria which was 6 years ago :D  So, it's just a family trait now, there customer service is just outstanding! and there inside there own shop support is even better!
Again, thanks for the help (PS: My Windows xp home edition) Won't affect my ram will it? I've heared that in some cases you have to take out one stick of ram as it's not compatible?!!?!? Or just a message i've missread?
a b V Motherboard
a b U Graphics card
August 28, 2011 11:16:44 PM

Yes, the psu should power that all fine, the Ebay deal mobo will use either Sata or ide drives so your hard and optical drives will be catered for no problems, remember the new ram is ddr3, not ddr2
and no, your windows will be fine with 4Gb of vengeance ram, the only possible 'issue' is that a 32bit version of windows will max out at 4Gb, showing you have 3.2ish available, you sometimes get a bad stick but dont worry about that though, there are ways to identify them and if you went for a 64bit operating system it would see any extra ram used 8Gb for example would show as 7.oddGb, some is used by windows to operate
I would love to somehow get £100k and appreciate the sentiment massively, :) 
let us know how the build goes, there are guides on building at the top of homebuild section
sections three and four for you to read through before starting ok?
and you can always post back here of course with any issues,