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The Ultimate AMD Phenom Build I have £1500

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July 3, 2011 1:46:55 AM

Ok guys i have a nice project i want to work on soon which is my new pc build i plan on maxing everything out RAM Graphics CPU overclocking with a brand new motherboard this build isnt going to be cheap build i want the best computer available to work on and ready made systems are out of the question lol so i need the best latest greatest motherboard

money is not a issue ! BUT ! i want sensible prices not silly over the top

I i hear AM3 + boards And triple channel ram is going to be available soon that would be a nice start also if the board supports up to 32Gb of ram it will indeed use all of 32Gb of ram ram is extremly cheap so no issues ;-)

same with graphics i prefair Nvidia over ATI no fanboy-ism intended but i have been there since the start with Nvidia i had there first card the Nvidia tnt pro two 32MB in my athlon 700mhz pc then upgraded to a 64Mb geforce4 mx card then 128mb nvidia Nvidia® Geforce 5200 128MB Graphics Card then a new build upgraded to a 7800GT then on a new DDR3 system upgraded to a Nvidia 9500GT then Finaly Zotac GTX 460 768mb on this system

i plan on Getting 4 Nvidia Graphics cards in sli ( Anything Higher then GTX 480 ;-)

Now here is were i need you guys i need help on the best

Power supply
case ( important )
Cooling ( Inportant )

Everything blow me with the best/ newest componants you can find i only buy online from and sorry i dont buy from newegg sorry i dont even think its Uk based :-S

Why do i want to max out the best motherboard i can get ??

Well short answer is i have the money now i work 3 jobs and live with my parents yes i have a girlfriend and all i spend my money on is a few beers each week i have a life beleive me ;-)


The Entire Build Process will be documented here on Toms Hardware and on Youtube

Blow me with what you can find guys

thanks in advance


July 3, 2011 1:51:07 AM

This is a huge Project for me so any support advice would be greatly appreciated Thanks this entire build will a very slow and painfull process which i love so hit me on anything you like i may consider an i7 Build if it works out better

July 3, 2011 5:29:01 AM

if you want to be that guy that has the ability to say " i spent more money on my system then yours" Go with intel.

As for ultimate amd

PSU: Corsair AX1200
MB: Asus crosshair Formula V (990fx)
CPU: 1100t
GPU: 3x gtx 580/or 590 running at x16, x8, x8 or x2 running at x16, x16 (MATRIX GTX580 P/2DIS/1536MD5)
RAM: G.Skill/Corsair Dominator GT...You are terribly mistaken when you mention that RAM is cheap. It could be one of the most expensive components in your pc.
SSD: You chose. Read write speeds are what you want to look for.
HDD: Used as a slave drive. WD Velociraptor as a slave drive
Disc drive: Also your choice, read/write speeds, blu ray, not blu ray, combo, not combo, etc.
Case: Coolermaster HAF X
Heatsink: Corsair H70 or noctua nh-d14
Casefans: CFM/db
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July 3, 2011 5:31:23 AM

I would recommend waiting for the Bulldozer because it got 8 Cores and 8 Threads...
a b V Motherboard
July 3, 2011 5:41:45 AM

Asus Crosshair V Formula - an excellent gaming motherboard

GIgabyte GA-990FXA-UD7 - total of 6 PCIe slots, also an excellent gaming motherboard

Asus Sabertooth 990FX - Exceptional Quality, Best warranty (5 yrs.)

Power Supply:
CORSAIR Professional Series Gold AX1200 (CMPSU-1200AX) 1200W - you're gonna need a LOT of power to use Quad SLI

AMD Phenom II X4 980 Black Edition 3.7Ghz - Best AMD Gaming CPU

AMD Phenom II X6 1100T Black Edition 3.3Ghz - Best 6 core AMD CPU

COOLER MASTER HAF X RC-942-KKN1 Black Steel/ Plastic ATX Full Tower Computer Case

COOLER MASTER HAF 932 AMD Limited Edition AM-932-RWN1-GP Red Steel / Plastic / Mesh bezel ATX Full Tower Computer Case

Graphics Card:
As far as I know, the only NVidia Graphics card capable of Quad SLI is the GTX 590.

Heatsink and RAM choices can be rather subjective so I am going to let others make suggestions on those.