Best AM3 mobo under £80?

I need to buy a new motherboard for my new build. I will either go for x4 955,x4 965 or x6 1090t.
I am confused by all the chipsets and not sure which one to go for. Which one is the fastest? I heard the fsb is faster on the 890 series.But surely I can just oc the fsb on the other chipsets?
What I will be doing
OCing -to 4ghz hopefully.
Casual desktopping

What I wont be doing
crossfire (or sli hack)
I dont need an integrated gpu.
I dont plan to buy a SSD.

All i want is something that is rock solid reliable, good ocer and gets me the max from my cpu.(dont need uber fast drives or features I wont ever use)
I dont have a brand preference and I plan to buy from novatech.

I am considering one of these maybe, but I will listen to suggestions.
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