Good graphics laptop under £700

I'm looking for a laptop which can run Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator and games no problem. I need it to be fast and reliable and under £700
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  1. Won't work, You need double that for a laptop, desktops are much cheaper. I call Laptops "hottops", you can't put anything mildly performing in them without paying thousands.
    And a reliable laptop will cost maybe a thousand more.
  2. Photoshop/illustrator no problem with that budget, gaming ? that's a no no depending on the games of course.
  3. Photoshop/Illustrator are my priorities. I don't play games much or games which require really high graphics. E.g I play games like Borderlands but I'm not too fussed about having high quality graphics, just no lag.
    What would be required for the laptop to be able to run several Adobe products etc at the same time?
    Any laptop recommendations? I've been looking into Sager notebooks.
  4. One thing i dont get about the people on this website. Why do you have to bash people for not having a bigger budget and let them down like that. Thats basically like saying "Oh get more money then we can help you out" no thats not how toms hardware works. It might sound stupid but some cheap laptops can actually handle games. I've scoped the websites and these are the ones that I've found


    It has a good integrated graphics card thats somewhat okay for gaming.

    GT650M On that laptop you cant go wrong with that man.. AND a 1000GB hard-drive

    If you can stretch your budget to £100 more you could get this one

    Hope i helped you out
  5. Try pcspecialist's line of laptops. They are relatively customizable and cheap, for example you can change the resolution of the screen or choose your hard drive.

    I agree with hairder95, laptop bashing is rife on Tom's and for no clear reason. Yes you can get more power from a desktop for the same money. Doesn't mean it can't be done in a laptop.
  6. Thanks for the advice everyone!

    I'm going to look into customised laptops more I think and maybe increase my budget
  7. Hi
    I have some laptops for sale: HP Pavillion DV7 6b5ea - Intel quad core i7- 2.22Ghz AMD Radeon dedicated graphics - 8GB RAM - 1TB HDD. = 600

    Also, Asus Ultra Book UX31E intel core i7 4GB RAM - 126GB SSD = £700

    All manufacture refurb. Like new condition.

    email if interested:
  8. If you're into refurbished tech, definetly take a look at what angel08 is offering you.
    Otherwise go here.
    And customize as follows
    Upgrade the CPU to the cheapest Quad Core
    Upgrade the display to a 1920x1080 one
    Upgrade the ram to 2x4GB 1600MHZ

    And there you have it.
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