Intel® Desktop Board DX38BT - JMicron?

Hi everyone,

I have been trying to find out if this motherboard supports JMicron but I am getting mixed results. I want to get a motherboard that does *not* support JMicron.

My current motherboard has JMicron for the IDE controller and has given me nothing but head aches. Please assist me. If this thing has the evil JMicron, can you please recommend something as powerful as this but without JMicron?

Motherboard in question:

I've sent Intel an email about this about 24 hrs ago but they've refused to budge so far.
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  1. A search shows a "marvel" and "intel matrix driver" for the storage devices. Couldn't find a listing under this board for jmicron. Jmicron won't be recognized by some bios' and windows on the sata II port of my asrock board. I have to move the sata cable to the sata I port to install it during a fresh install of win2k pro. You're right; it's not perfect.
  2. Thank you for that o1die.

    Well, still no answer from Intel, I give them another 12 hrs and if still no answer, I am getting an AMD system, I guess that's how much they care. I need a definitive answer, I trully don't want JMicron on my system.
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