best AM2 Mobo for £100?

hey guys
just wondering what the general concensus is on the best AM2 mobo. I'm looking to spend around £100

thanks in advance
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  1. Why are you looking to spend £100 on an AM2 mobo? Decent mobos can be had for ~£50, sckt 775 for ~£75.

    Besides, we need details; what will you use it for? Why do you want one specifically for £100?
  2. I like the msi K9a its only for sale in about 3-4 places in the UK.

    Its a 580x Crossfire MB with all the onboard stuff you need (Firewire, gigabit lan Raid, etc.), I also got a rounded IDE cable and two right angled SATA cables (+2 normal)

    Some people will say its not an overclocking board but I got my 3800+ to 2.62 which I dont think is too bad

    its around £70-£80 including VAT, which I think is very good
  3. no reason really - just because I can afford it and figured that if I'm buying good quality components, I shouldnt skimp on the board.

    May be interested in overclocking in the future, although I have no plans to now

    Mainly looking for something user friendly, **stable** and easy to install

    Thanks guys
  4. Torment - that board sounds good, and I've read good reviews on it.

    Bit of a noob question, but even though its Crossfire, its still compatible with Nvidia cards right? I dont plan on running SLI, but I AM going to buy an 8800. would there be any conflicts with this?

    If not, looks like that will be my new board:D

    cheers guys
  5. Yes it will work with a single nvidia card.

    Crossfire just mean you can use two ATI crossfire cards.
  6. cheers mate - although I have noticed that theres an Nvidia570 SLI chipset version, so I'll just go for that one. I think that everything else on them is pretty much identical, and most reviews agree they are mighty fine boards:

    how did you find the manual? Installation easy? any potential probs to look out for?

    Thanks for your help
  7. Nope I had no problems with my mb, the manual was good as far as motherboard manuls go.

    One think about the SLI though is the second PCI-E x 16 will only run at x8 speed. If you are using 8800 this may not be ideal if you get two
  8. For complete specs, including measured benchmarks on 23 AM2 mobos, goto
    Click on CPU Socket, AM2, select all the mobos you're interested in, click the Compare Specs button. You'll get a spreadsheet comparing those mobos with 98 specs on each!
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