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I am currently building a new computer and everything has gone great until now. When I start the computer and enter BIOS in order to change settings like time, temperature monitoring etc, I can´t save them to CMOS. When I choose "Exit and save" I get the choice to either go for "Y" or "N" as normal. However, when I try to hit enter in order to save, the computer freezes and I can´t do anything. When I reboot the comp I get the message "Warning! CPU has changed..." and some more text saying that I should remember to save the settings to CMOS before exit - well...if I could I would!

Could this be because of the fact that I´m using a Abit AG8 motherboard with a BIOS version dated to 07/07/2004? Perhaps it wasn´t made for the Pentium 3.2 GHz 775 socket at that time, and perhaps it will work if I just download a newer version of BIOS? What do you experts think, I really need your help and your opinions about this problem.

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  1. 1) What board do you have?

    2) You could try reseting the CMOS. Unplug the computer from the wall outlet. Short the CMOS (there us usually a jumpter). Put the jumper back to its original postion. Try modifying ur BIOS again.

    3) Some motherboard mfg's have gone back to using a jumper to prevent writing to CMOS. This is to prevent viruses from destroying the CMOS and hence ur mobo, etc.

    4) Did you read your manual?

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  2. Perhaps new battery needed?

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  3. Well, my motherboard is an Abit AG8, perhaps you need some more info? I´ve read the manual, but perhaps I´ll have to do it again :)
    I´ve thought about a possible battery issue, but I thought it would be strange to have an empty battery when the motherboard was just recently manufactured? It´s brand new, so you would think that the battery should be new as well. Perhaps I´ll have to check it anyway. I´ve tried to clear CMOS, but nothing happened.

    I´ll now install the latest drivers and then have a go at it. If it doesn´t solve the problem, I´ll have to have another look in the manual. Thanks guys!
  4. Ok, no one managed to find the correct answer, so I´ll post the solution here:

    The solution was to install the latest version of BIOS. Perhaps this solution may help someone sometime somewhere with the same kind of problem as I had, who knows? :)

    May this thread rest in peace until then...

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