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£180 Minecraft PC

a b U Graphics card
January 16, 2013 12:47:31 AM

So guys im on a really really tight budget here.. so tight i dont even have the cash on me right now.. so i was wondering if you could help me build a .. ermm .. beginners gaming pc for £180 (Oh boy here come the bashers)..
So i have 2 things in mind here keep in mind that i'll be buying a 9600GSO 324MB from CEX (Link below)

cant go over that budget for a graphics card right now. so im stuck between that 9600GSO and a hd 4550 now correct me if im wrong but.. i think the nvidia would keep me tied until i can afford a better graphics card? i'm basically gonna be playing minecraft online at 1280x1024 or 1360x768 AT THE MAX. And some older games like resident evil 5 and prototype. Perhaps even some newer games cause i'll be overclocking the crap outa that 9600GSO. So as far as the system goes i need you guys to pick something for me. Days of scoping the websites have led me to the best bang for the buck.. these "bundles"

Now i really wanna go for this one since it'll let me upgrade to an i3 later down the line but im too silly to figure out the other stuff i'll be needing to put together a "complete" pc. i can just buy a hdd from the same website for £8 or if you guys would teach me how to i can remove my laptops hdd and possibly use that as my main desktop hdd?


then theres this bundle.. i won't have to get a seperate graphics card for a while but i dont think the processors too powerful on it and im getting the 9600GSO anyways

I'll be pairing all this up to some cheap case that im probably gonna buy and a 400Watts 80+ PSU that im getting from CCL

So guys if you can find me any thing cheaper it'll be much appreciated. thanks again

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