£1500 budget, uses: graphics programming, gaming

Approximate Purchase Date: e.g.: as soon as possible

Budget Range: £1750, willing to go a little over budget

System Usage from Most to Least Important: Programming (Mainly games programming using DirectX, OpenGL, Unity, Unreal, etc), gaming.

Are you buying a monitor: Yes, two of the same model. I am unsure which to go for out of TN+ or IPS. I am leaning towards IPS after reading reviews but would appreciate some input. Probably looking for 21 inch screen.

Parts to Upgrade: Starting from scratch, I have no parts.

Do you need to buy OS: No

Preferred Website(s) for Parts: A cheap one :) No preference, but the cost saving would be helpful. I have been using amazon for most of my price enquiry needs so far.

Location: Dundee, Scotland, United Kingdom

Parts Preferences: Intel CPU, Nvidia graphics card.

Overclocking: Yes, but not straight away. I want the capability to do so, so that if it is needed in the future I will have the opportunity to without having to splash out to much.

SLI: Maybe, again in the future I would like the option too. Also I am unsure if I will be able to put 2 GTX 680's together in this motherboard.

Your Monitor Resolution: 1920x1080, unsure if this is too high for what I am after.

Additional Comments: The main use is for programming, this is my first PC build but I have been programming on a laptop for the last 3 years and it can't keep up with some of the more graphical applications I am writing which is why I have decided to put a desktop together. I would like it to be future proof which is why I would like the option for overclocking and SLI as I am hoping for this PC to last me more that 3 years (not sure of average PC lifespan but my laptop has lasted me for 3 years). Would be nice to have a fairy quiet PC as well but this is not essential.

And Most Importantly, Why Are You Upgrading: I need something that can keep up with the intensive graphic applications I write.

These are the parts I have picked out already. Please feel free to add recommendations and opinions as I would appreciate the guidance.


Intel i7 3820 3.6GHz Sandy Bridge - £219.16
Offical Website

ASUS P9X79 PRO - £194.98
Offical Website
Comments: I started with this and then build the PC around it as I like the option for Quad channel ram (Think this the right term) that comes with LGA2011. Also while reading reviews I saw that people seemed to have problems with the memory, is this model known for this issue.

ASUS Nvidia GeForce 2GB GTX 680 Direct CUII OC - £396.23
aka GTX680-DC2O-2GD5
Offical Website
Comments: Was unsure whether to go for the 670 or 680, I wanted to get a card that is up to date and would also last a while, while also having the capability to get a second later on to boost performance. Not sure also which one to go for out of the DC2, DC2O or DC2T?

Corsair CMZ16GX3M4A1600C9 - £66.75
Offical Website
Comments: This falls in the recommended list of memory that comes with the motherboard.

Corsair CMPSU HX1050 - £153.32
Offical Website
Comments: When I did the math for the voltage it came to 798 watts, amazon lists the GTX 680 to use 550 watts, but when I put the parts I selected into pcpartpicker it estimated my usage at 438 watts so I am not sure which is right. So I am unsure if 1050 watts is going to be too much or not, also taking into account I may add a second graphics card later and I may want to overclock the system as some point.

OCZ VTX3-25SAT3-240G 240GB - £149.25
Offical Website
Comments: Appears to have really good read and write speed for the price. Or should I go with VTX4 256GB at £163.99

Seagate ST20000DM001 2TB - £71.33
Offical Website

Fractal design Define R4 Black Pearl - £92.82
Offical Website
Comments: After reading a few reviews I think this case is appropriate for everything I have list above. If someone could check that over for me that would be great.

Total: £1343.84

Still need: DVD r/w drive, cooling, keyboard, mouse, monitors, anything else I have missed.

Here is a part picker link as well: pcpartpicker

Also I have a few questions which I hope could be answered
1. What type of cooling should I go for if I want to overclock later on, water or fan?
2. Any recommendations on monitors? TN+ or IPS?
3. With the graphics card should I go for the 670 or 680? Which one would make the rig more future proof?
4. Motherboard - PRO or DELUXE? I choose the PRO as it seemed to have everything I needed.
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  1. To start, like everyone will most likely tell you, the new Intel and Nvidia tech are coming out within the next month or so and if you can hold off until they are released it will only help your chances at getting a better PC for a cheaper price.

    I program and develop myself and if you were to get current gen, this is what I suggest (This build one best answer in another thread).

    CPU (Curent Gen): i7 3770K
    I have this same CPU, and it complies things crazy fast!

    GPU (Curent Gen): GTX 680 or GTX 670
    Attempting to stay away from SLI, your best bet is to stick with those two.

    GPU in SLI (Curent Gen): GTX 670
    No reason to go for the 680 if you are going to SLI them.

    Note: If you look closely on Newegg, you can sometimes find 680 at the same or close to the same price as the 670.

    OCZ VTX3-25SAT3-240G 240GB
    Samsung 840 Pro 240GB

    These are both good option so which ever one you can get cheaper I would get.

    Your HDD pick is fine, I personally stick with WD just of a bad experience with Seagate, but it doesnt mean you have to. Get that if it's cheaper.

    PSU: Nice chose.

    Case: Looking good!

    DVD: Get anything from a reputable company that's about $19USD. They are all about the same so you really cant go wrong here
    unless you want a blue-ray.

    As far as the other peripherals

    and yes I like Logitech :D
    their products have never died on me (over 7 years now) and they work really well!

    For mice you have a few good options but the ones I know of are
    Logitech G500
    Razer Mamba
    Logitech G9X

    Keyboard: The Logitech G510 or 105 are both great and wont disappoint.

    Monitors: although it's 22" I still think this is a great choice.

    and you probably want a way to hear the computer to so
    The G35 and G930 are both amazing and I highly recommend them!
  2. ASUS Maximus V Formula/ThunderFX
    GTX 670
    1TB WD Caviar Black
    HyperX Predator 1600MHz DDR3 8GB

    that should do it, drop the extra cash on a decent gaming mouse and keyboard and get a nice coolermaster case with some LED fans
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