£500 gaming system

GPU-Asus HD 7870 DirectCU II V2 - £192
CPU-Intel i5 3570k
PSU-Any random brand 650w
MOBO-Asus p8z77
RAM-Corsair vengeance 8gb

These will be the components of the computer i'm going to buy, i -cannot- go over £500 so please don't try to change the parts to something more expensive. I would just like to know if these parts are compatible (mobo,CPU,GPU) as i am a novice in knowledge about computer hardware. I have my own case, monitor, mouse etc.

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  1. Yes, they're compatible, be careful with the psu, never go for a cheap one, get a quality psu from xfx, antec, seasonic, corsair, fsp with 500w-600w( it will do for your system).
    Also you might need an aftermarket cooler if you want to oc the cpu.
  2. Thanks mate! I'll probably take your advice, but do you think some hardware may be cheaper in the sales?
  3. It could be, don't know what sites/shops your're shopping/looking for.
    I can give you a good psu for e.g : http://pcpartpicker.com/uk/part/xfx-power-supply-p1550sxxb9

    Also a site where you can browse for cheaper components in uk : http://pcpartpicker.com/uk
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