First homebuilt system £400

Hello :D
I'm looking to create my first homebuilt system and since I'm no pro i was wondering if you experts wouldn't mind checking over what i have right now. This is without including the operating system, mouse, keyboard, and screen if I'm missing anything else let me know please.

Any advice or recommendations are appreciated.

Also forget to mention that the price should be around £400 and that this will be used mainly for playing games.

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  1. What resolution screen will you be playing on?
  2. Hmm, I would like to aim for 1920 x 1080 however i wouldn't be too bothered if i had to use a lower resolution for some things.

    Basically as long as i can get a decent fps (40+) on medium to high settings for most games i'm happy
  3. Some changes, with better gpu nvidia 660 gtx and better psu and a cool micro atx case :
  4. Thanks :)

    Any tips for someones whos doing this for a first time?
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