Building 3 budget £200 gaming pc for friends

3 of my friends were looking for a budget pc around £200 heres my idea

Celeron g530 £32
H61M HVM motherboard £35
Kingston value ram £14
Cit vantage case £25
Cx430 £38
Hdd 1tb £55
6670 club 3D £51
Total £240

I was also looking at replacing the 6670 with a 5450 to bring down the number by £25 Is this build any good
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  1. Do not drop the 6670 for a 5450. A 5450 is too weak for many modern games even at minimum settings. The 6670 is already just barely cutting in at the minimums for a gaming card and the same is true for the rest of your components.

    By dropping to a 500GB hard drive, I managed to get you a similarly performing build recommendation down to £223.80. Is that better for your purposes?
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