£1000 gaming build need urgent attention!

Approximate Purchase Date: this month

Budget Range: £1000 with shipping and 2 monitors

System Usage from Most to Least Important:programming, games and general surfing

Are you buying a monitor: Budget includes two monitors

Parts to Upgrade: none

Do you need to buy OS: No

Preferred website(s) for Parts: Any

Location: United kingdom

Parts Preferences: no preference

Overclocking: yes if needed

SLI or Crossfire: in the future if required

Your Monitor Resolution: Not sure

Additional Comments: I am not a hardcore gamer, I dont really mind high quality instead of ultra if it saves money on the graphics card. Also might like a SSD? what do you guys thing?
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  1. i5-3570K with 8GB of 1600Mhz 1.5v RAM in a Z77 motherboard is the obvious choice for CPU/Mobo/RAM. I can't think of any other option that would even be viable in comparison. An i3 or FX-8 would be OK but an i5 would be better. That would bring you to about £300 for a start.

    The HD 7850 2GB would be a good choice for the GPU. Great price/performance and amazing efficiency, meaning good performance/power consumption as well. On top of that, you should be good for ultra high settings for the next year or two on it I think.

    A SSD would be a good idea, 120GB is a good size for most people. The difference in read/write speeds isn't very noticeable so be sure to buy based on reliability. Intel, Samsung and Crucial have particularly good reputations in terms of SSD reliability. A ~120GB SSD along with a nice big mass storage drive should be great.

    The rest of it is largely personal preference as to whether you like sleek or flashy, quiet or shouty and powerful, big or small etc.

    Personally I'd go for small, sleek and quiet. Here's a suggestion based on that.

    i5-3570k - £176.58
    2x4GB Corsair Vengeance LP 1600Mhz 1.5v C9 - £30.96
    Gigabyte GA-Z77N-WIFI - £89.72
    MSI Twin Frozr III OC HD 7850 2GB - £149.74
    Samsung 830 Series 128GB - £77.96
    Silverstone Strider SST-ST45SF 450W - £62.94
    Silverstone FT03S-Mini - £95.59
    Sony AD-7800H-01 Slotload Slim Internal DVD Burner - £27.50

    Sub Total - £721.97

    That tower would look great with these monitors. They also have IPS panels meaning much better colour reproduction and viewing angles than most monitors.

    2 x AOC i2353Fh - £283.76

    Total - £1005.73

    I'd be seriously jealous of that setup haha, I really want that case and those monitors for my next upgrade. I think that setup would look great sat on a desk (the tower sat on the desk too). Also has room to add a storage hard drive and a decent CPU cooler later.

    You should get ultra high settings in any current games, probably in the next generation of games too. Not great for storage at the moment and you couldn't overclock much yet but as I said, you can easily add storage drives and CPU coolers later.

    (If you can afford to go another £40 or so over budget, consider upgrading the SSD to the newer 840 series and the PSU to the 80 PLUS Gold modular version.)
  2. Honestly... what sellars just gave you is AMAZING.

    I also would highly recommend going with both those upgrades, to get even better reliability out of the computer.
  3. Awesome build will properly use it, think I may go for a different case don't really like that. And I don't need a disk drive so I can get rid of that. So I could get those upgrades you were talking about. Thanks for your suggestions ,properly will use.
  4. Let me mention actually, those are HDMI monitors and that GPU only has 1 HDMI port. It might come with a DVI to HDMI adapter (or DVI to HDMI cable) but if it doesn't, keep in mind that you will want one.
  5. Great, if you do go for that please take a picture of that setup. We love our nerd porn over here haha ;)

    EDIT: Just noticed you don't like the case. If you are going to drop that, drop the PSU as well. It is quite specific.
  6. Okay so you sure that gpu is good enough for both screens. Thanks again
  7. If you just mean to have your desktop/browser/movies/music on one screen and games on the other then yeah it's more than enough.

    EDIT: I'm off to bed now by the way, any more questions and I'll pick them up after work tomorrow.
  8. Alright good night, also do you recommend any other case that will look good with these monitors
  9. Caught me just before I went, anything in silver aluminium should look great.

  10. okay so is there anywhere else i can save money?
  11. Not without taking a hit in performance really. If you are going to change to that case though, make sure to get a PSU and motherboard that fit the case. 400W+ PSU with a Z77 motherboard is what you want really. Decent PSU brands in the UK market include Corsair, Antec, Be Quiet, maybe OCZ? If you can get hold of a Seasonic, they're great. Silverstone are OK as well. Coolermaster can be good sometimes but they're a bit hit and miss. Generally their lower end stuff is a bit questionable. For cases, it depends on the looks really but if you want aluminium look at Lian Li and Silverstone.

    You could always get a cheap nasty case to save money but I never usually recommend that. A new computer feels so much better with a good quality case you like the look of.
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