New Budget Build - £350 - 400

Hi, i'm looking to build a new PC.

1. I use my Computer for converting video files

2. General Internet Use and Downloading

2. I'm looking to do some light gaming. COD MW3, Max Payne 3 Etc.

I am currently using a setup which is about 5 - 7 years old.

I am looking to spend around £300 - £350 - Hopefully WITH a GFX card at start, but if not possible then will buy the GFX at a later date as its the least important as it stands.

I do NOT need an Operating system, keyboard, Mouse, DVD drive, Monitor. Its purely the Tower.

Can anyone please reccomend me a build ??

I've been looking at an I3 - 2100 (I'm not fussed on being able to overclock)

Pref would like around 8Gb Ram

Around 500gb Hard drive

And as stated a GFX card if i can fit it into the budget.

Like ive said looking between £350 and £400. The cheaper the better!!!

Any suggestions.

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  1. Many thanks for this. Just sort of thing i was looking for.

    Sorry for my lack of knowledge but am i going to suffer any drawbacks having a micro ATX board? I always assumed they would be smaller then regular motherboards so would lose some features? Or am i totally incorrect?
  2. That mobo will have all the features you'll need.
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