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I recently upgraded my graphics card to a 560 Ti, and need a better case for cooling (GPU temp was around 85 degrees celsius). Does anyone have a recommendation that costs roughly £50 / $60. I am currently leaning towards either the Antec 302, Antec one or the Fractal design core 3000.

Antec 302:


Antec one:




Thanks in advance for any advice.
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  1. rosewill challenger (the more expensive version) it sells for around $55, great cooling
  2. Looks like a good case but I can't find a store that ships to UK. Any other suggestions?
  3. Fractal 3000 is my favourite of the 3 and the one I recommend in that range.
  4. I just did a build with an antec one i picked up on newegg for $40

    I love the case.

    I like how it is black everywhere inside and out, compared to other cases, even othr antec cases that are black outside, but plain sheet metal inside.

    The antec one can be a tiny bit small for some configurations.

    My radeon 7870 with a huge cooler wouldn't quite fit, i took a chunk out of the drive cage to accomodate, I knew this going in and wasn't upset, I just have to sacrifice one 3.5 inch bay.

    I love the case and would reccomend it.
  5. Does the Antec one have good stock cooling or would i have to install extra fans?
  6. DarkNebula77 said:
    Does the Antec one have good stock cooling or would i have to install extra fans?

    I think it's pretty solid.

    It comes with 4 120 mm fans

    one back, one top, one low front, one side panel

    there is also a vent in the center bottom for an additional 120mm fan if you wanted.

    The fans have blue leds, so if that light will bother you, you will want 3rd party fans
  7. Thanks for your advice, it sounds like my perfect case and I will get one tomorrow.
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