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Hi Guys, I appreciate that you get a lot of these threads, but hopefully someone will take time out of their busy day to help a hardware noob :)

Basically, I use a 5 year old computer from PC World (which unsurprisingly is terrible) and recently I got into Guild Wars 2. My PC can't run it at all :P
My "Media laptop" on the other hand can run it, but barely scrapes 20FPS on lowest settings.

So, I want to build a new PC from scratch, as I'm assuming my current one's parts are too old/busted to be of any use. I do have an 18" HDTV I can use as my monitor, but excluding that I would like to spend around £350, but there's leeway in that.

In terms of performance, I want to be able to run some modern games (GW2 etc) smoothly - even if it's on low graphics. I'm assuming that a PC that can do that will be able to handle day-to-day tasks and video playback so the only other thing is the scope to potentially upgrade later.
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  1. because you need and OS, £350 is a little too optomistic. this system will get you GW2 on performance presets, but will stuggle on balanced and above. see recommended GPU to get better performanced in games.
    the system later can be upgraded to use a Quad core intel i5 or i7 CPU and the PSU will handle a good mid/high range GPU


    recommended upgrades:

    getting 2x4GB ram (8Gb) instead of 2x2GB (4Gb)

    getting a HD 7770 instead of the HD 6670 will get 30+ FPS on "best appearance settings" @ 1680x1050.

    with upgrades = £436.28
  2. The HD7770 would be totally worth the slight increase in budget.
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