[Need Advice] Multi tasking, gaming rig for £500 - £530

Approximate Purchase Date: as soon as parts are chosen

Budget Range: ~£500 nothing more than £530

System Usage from Most to Least Important: Multi tasking, rendering, gaming, hd video viewing. internet browsing. possibly hosting a private minecraft sever.

Are you buying a monitor: Yes

Parts to Upgrade: creating a new build from scratch

Do you need to buy OS: Yes

Preferred Website(s) for Parts: as long as they are reputable

Location: England

Parts Preferences: I am open to anything as long as they have good build quality (dont want to revieve anything which is not working)

Overclocking: no

SLI or Crossfire: no

Your Monitor Resolution:1080p

Additional Comments: I would preffer the pc to be energy efficient and not too loud. but at the same time powerfull for the price. I would not like to have any lag from games or have to limit the fun.

And Most Importantly, Why Are You Upgrading: my current computer is too slow for what i want to use it for.

thank you.
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  1. bump?
  2. Can you extend your budget to around 800 or 700? With 500 euros, the best you will buy is a 300 euro computer, because of the OS and monitor.
  3. its not euros, its pounds
  4. Oh on addition:

    the real budget is £590 but i took off the price for the operating system.

    I have a moniter i can use for a few months till i can afford a good 1080p one.
  5. I'll build one wait!
  6. i have till 10:10pm till match of the day mate :)
  7. Sorry for the late reply, man. that listing looks great but its a bit expensive, are there lower models of the things you shown which will still do what i'd like? and i would preffer 8gb of ram as i will host minecraft servers sometime and it just seems okay for the price
  8. spat55 said:

    You will void the warranty on the CPU there mate, but great build! :D (CPU warranty will be voided if the RAM has voltage above 1.5V, according to Intel)

    @OP, Id go with the above build except with G.Skill or Corsair RAM. :D You wouldnt mind going over budget just a bit? Maybe just around 10 pounds?
  9. the budget needs to include keyboard and mouse too, I literally only have £580 at the moment.
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