£500 to build me a PC for Uni (complete beginner)

Hi, i am going to uni in September and have decided to invest in a new desktop PC and want to build it myself...i have put together PC's before for my friends but have never ordered the parts or even planned to before so i really dont know what im looking for :(

I dont need it for intense high powered gaming, i only ever play football manager so i wont need the extra that comes with that, however i will be streaming movies from netflix so i will need to be able to do that smoothly (not sure if thats affected by internet speeds or something you add to the computer). I also need to get a copy of windows 7 home premium but i know where to get that cheap. I wont need an expensive mouse or keyboard, and a cheap 19" monitor will do as well

but as i say i really have no idea what im buying but i know how to put a PC together, any help would be really appreciated, if this is not the right place to put this can you please direct me to the right place

thank you :)
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  1. here you go http://pcpartpicker.com/uk/p/fFEv
    you can add the Samsung 830 series for £80 for a speed boost.
    Benq has great value monitors.
    Can't go wrong with a Logitech keyboard /mouse combo.
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