My computer won´t boot Advise/Help needed

Hi all!

Some days ago i got a strange issue with my computer which has been working for about a year.
when i moved it to another room like 5 meters i couldn´t boot i opened the case i saw that the power and reset button on my Motherboard what blinking instead of being constant.

So i took everything out of my computer and put it back together, still had the problem so i started moving around on my ram and suddenly the lights very constant and i could boot up.

Now heres the really strange thing the morning after when the computer had been off for 8-10 hours the same problem occured i did the same moved around on the ram removed them completely and it worked again...

next morning after the computer had been off for some hours guess what... the same problem... just this time nothing worked i cleard the CMOS at the jumper and the battery no results double or tripple checked all connections and maked sure the rams was seated properly, reseated the cpu and cooler. Everything was fine.

so i tried to boot up with only Cpu Ram still flashing lights even when i took the Motherboard out of the pc case to make sure it was not shorting somewhere it would still not work.

I believe it´s either the PSU or the Motherboard which are fried but im not sure as it works sometimes.

(Ps. i did not overclock anything at anypoint)

My build is.

Asus P8P67 Deluxe
750w Thermaltake Psu (2.5 years old)
2x gainward golden sample GTX 560ti sli.
Intel core i5-2500k
16GB Kingston HyperX 1866mhz DDR3 Ram
A quite random cd/dvd reader.
1TB westerndigital Hdd'

I would really appreciate some advise as i´m completely lost....

Best Regards Zuplopp
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  1. Sounds like your power switch.. or.. fluctuating power. I have no clue.. you need to test your components seperately. Maybe if you can try another power supply to test with your motherboard..? Honestly im lost too. Cleaning your board might help.
  2. Yea i thought about trying another PSU too but problem is my old psu cant power up my new motherboard as it aint got the required pins etc,
  3. start will doing a bare bone of the pc. if your mb has onboard video pull both 560ti and all the ram but one stick. no hard drive or cd-rom connected. if it boots and powers on fine it may be something is shorted or not seated. if it still gives you an issues try pushing back in the 24 and 4/8 pin atx plugs if there not clipped it they can walk out. if the mb does post fine then i would power it down and install one video card. if it post fine power down and install the other. if the error comes back with one or both of the cards in then it sounds like the power supply has failed or you have a bad card.
  4. I will try what you said smorizio thanks a lot! just a quick question if the problem occures only when i seat my GPU´s it could aswell be the pcie slot being bad?

    Edit. is it even a possibility that its shortend as i described could make it boot up sometimes if i moved around on the rams and so on ?
  5. with ram i seen dead slots on mb. to find that out you use one know good dimm and you walk it into each slot and run memtest.
    if the pc flakes out or does not boot with know good ram in one or more slot..bad ram slot on mb. with the pci video you need a know good video card. then you try the pci slots. if the video card works in your pc without issue. you can the nsay it might be your video card or power supply. what you have to do it put your video card into another pc and see if the error happens on another pc. if you have to start with the onboard video and one dimm and see if it works fine. then add the ram till you max the ram out and run some memtest and burn in on the bare min pc. if it a power supply issue you wont know it unless you use another ps.
  6. So right now i got my motherboard in the box it came in with the cpu and cpu cooler 4/8pin connector and the 24pin connector and 1 ram stick and its the same problem flashing reset and power button on the mobo and no boot...

    To panicmaster- i did try this the other day and my psu fan stated spinning but does that mean that it´s working properly ?
  7. sounds like your power suply died..dont fool with it anymore so you dont burn out any of the newer parts..use another pc and see if the power supply still under warranty and rma it.
  8. I agree with smorizio
  9. Hey guys thanks alot for your help right now im trying out my PSU with my old motherboard and it dosent seem it work so yea i believe i got a fried PSU but i will come back when im totally sure!
  10. Quick update i acctually got my psu to power up my old motherboard with a cpu cpu fan and 1 stick of ram :( so i guess it´s my motherboard that causes the problem
  11. oh well at least you know what the problem is... also is it still under waranty?
  12. Okay so today they sent my Motherboard back and said that it worked fine in their testes so now i´m back to scratch once again.... is it possible that it can be the PSU even though i can make it power up my old motherboard with only cpu and ram connected, or can it be a CPU failure even?
    depends on the mb and the load on the ps. could be the ps or a bad video card or a short.
    if with no ram and no video card just a power supply and cpu...if the mb has flashing power led..i would try another power supply. (make sure there no fans other then the cpu fan plugged in then plug one fan in at a time.) check that the case connector for usb are connected right.
  14. I tested the Motherboard outside the case to make sure there was no short with only the cpu and cpu fan connect and it still had those flashy buttons which results in no boot or power at all.
  15. newer mb use digi vrm for power the older mb use a lot of analog caps. older mb can handle ac ripple a lot better then the newer mb. my bet is that the power supply can output the voltage needed to run a power supply but it a dirty output..the newer mb does not like it but the older mb can.
  16. i got a theard going on another forum and someone there suggested that it was my intergrated memory controller in my i5 2500k that was the issue what do you guys think about that suggestion? your suggestion makes perfect sense too i would be happy if i "just" had to buy a new PSU as my current one is quite old and only at 750w
  17. well 750w is good but yeah that could be the issue... do you know how to fix that?
  18. The Intergrated memory controller or the PSU? if the problem happens to be my CPU´s IMC i will send it back i get a new one and i will just buy a new PSU as mine is quite old anyway.
  19. the integrated memory controller is what i meant sorry for not being clear... so yes send it back and just go ahead and get a new corsair psu
  20. with the bread boarding of the mb did you put one dimm in away from the heat sink..sometime with heat sinks they can put to much pressure if they move onto a ram stick and cause the ram and or memory slot to short out. check the ram/pci slot for any dirt or bent pin.
  21. yea i tried every single slot with all of my 4 ram sticks and i checked the ram and pci slots and the people at the shop i send my motherboard back to did so too and it worked just fine for them. so the issue has to lay in PSU or my CPU
  22. have you run burnintest? that tests the cpu as well as everything else
    download the standard version it is free
  24. problem is that i cant boot my computer :/
  25. oh yeah sorry :(
    can you take it somewhere to be tested?
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