Need advice for gaming build before purchase, budget: $1000 - £680

Hello everyone,

So here it is, I am building a new PC officially for the first time, I have done upgrade on my own PC so I do know about all the part. Therefore I think it is time for me to build a new PC, the budget I would like to stick to is preferably $1000, you can recommend me parts from Newegg although I do live in the UK so if possible parts in £ would be more appreciated.

I have already picked some parts that I think will do a great job into giving the PC a great performance. All what I am requesting you guys :D is to review the parts and give me your opinion, most importantly it would be even better if you have any other recommendations that you think would be better than the one I have picked. My budget might be $1000 although its no money problem if it exceeds the budget by $100 or anything (only if its worth it). So I will go straight ahead and list the parts and give me thought about it, I am gonna give you all the Newegg Links, however note that I am not going to stick to those prices :) since I live in the UK there are various websites were I can get the parts for cheaper (in £). Here they are:

- Motherboard: Asus P8H77-V Motherboard , Link:
My thought: I think its a great board since I can get this one for quite cheap in the UK. I have also been looking at the Asrock extreme4 which is quite a bit more expensive, although I have read some reviews about it having problems so I will stick to this great board, which I believe is a Z77 chipset could anyone confirm this please since I can't find this anywhere.

- Processor: Intel Core i5-3570K Ivy Bridge 3.4GHz , Link:
My thought: No debate about this processor... it is a mental beast. I have owned AMD and Intel computers, as I see it I think the new i5 ivy bridge will do a great job.

- Video card: Either the GTX 570 or HD 7850 (no link)
My thought: I have gone for HD 7850 all the way with my decision but right now I am not sure at all, the GTX 570 has some great benchmarks on Battlefield 3. Right now I am not sure with which one to go with. The HD 7850 is new and has better stock clocks, 2GB RAM, where as right now the GTX 570 is on sale somewhere and I can get this one for cheaper. I am not convinced about picking the GTX 570 since it is almost 2 years old and has worse clocks and ram than the HD 7850 but on the other hand has better benchmarks. Also could you tell me whether the GTX 570 is overclockable and how easy it is. So help me out here please :)

- Case: Carbide 300r , Link:

- Hard-drive: Seagate Barracuda ST500DM002 500GB 7200 RPM , link:

- SSD:OCZ Agility 3 60GB, Link:

- Ram/Memory: Corsair Vengeance 2x4gb (8GB total), Link:

- Optical drive: Asus 24x DVD Burner, Link:

- Power supply: Corsair 650TX 650W power supply, Link:
My thought: Does anyone know whether this power supply is going to be enough to feed an i5 and a GTX 570 or HD 7850

- CPU Fan: Cooler Master Hyper 212 Plus , Link:
My thought: I have no idea which cpu fan is the best to be honest. Would water cooling such as corsair h70 be better, I actually just picked this fan since its quite popular.


I hope I didn't miss any parts but I think that this is about it. So guys I just need some advice about the graphics card and some other parts please before any purchase will be made.

Your input is very greatly appreciated :D Thanks for your time

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  1. This is a simple stock/NO OC gaming config sub 700 quid off Ebuyer UK It may lack SSD and bells/whistles but as far as fps/$$ goes it is very potent :P
  2. I can see where your coming from.

    Yes, I like the thoughts about getting a GTX 670 into the game. Although, this computer is not mainly aimed at gaming, and speed is also a factor. Although I will be looking into maybe swapping to a GTX 670 and reduce all my other components. Thanks for the tip :D Nice

    What do you think about the GTX 570 itself? Do you think I should get a HD 7850?
  3. Between the 2 i would go for the HD 7850 but if one's budget allows for a GTX 670 and for a gaming rig, i would make that priority ^^
  4. batuchka said:
    Between the 2 i would go for the HD 7850 but if one's budget allows for a GTX 670 and for a gaming rig, i would make that priority ^^

    I know the HD 7850 is a good video card and is easily overclockable.

    But do you know whether the GTX 570 is also overclockable? since in the UK atm I can get it for cheap.

    Here is the exact model:
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