£800 Gaming PC

I want to configure a gaming PC under £800, My specs are below:

Decent enough gpu, play games like skyrim on high/ultra high settings. (Possibly 7770?)

2 monitors included in the price? if thats possible.

Any chance of getting a case or monitor(s) with inbuilt mic and speakers as this would really help.

3rd gen i7 preferably, if not then 3rd gen i5.

Country: United Kingdom

8GB Ram

1TB Memory

Resolution: 1080p possibly? might go lower.

Windows 7 and microsoft office starter ( I'll just upgrade online) or microsoft office home.

Long lasting psu

xfire or infinity eye maybe-not sure what these are so long as they make the PC better.

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  1. Your graphics card I would get something like a 7870 or if you have the money get a gtx 670 as hey are great for the price. Max out crysis 2 with 1920x1200 res.

    For you CPU if you want to overclocked go with 2nd gen. Although if you of is for gaming I'd get i5 3570k but if you're doing other things get a i7 2600k but don't get ivy there is isn't much better about them.

    For psu I'd get a decent 750w corsair power supply or cooler master as they are cheaper but don't go for an un branded one.

    For the case I'd go with cooler master although antec cases are also good. I always recommend the cooler master haf 912 plus.

    Get a z77 motherboard. Asus or gigabyte they are both ok Brands.
  2. You dont need an i7 for gaming. Id get myself an i5 2500/K. Awesome cpu for gaming.
    750W is overkill if he isnt gonna SLI, but corsair is good. Get 7850.
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