Acer X3200 For £100???

Hi, i've been offered a acer x3200 (aspire), with the following:

AMD phenom x4 1.8 or 2 ghz (I believe)
4GB DDR2 ram
onboard nvida 8200 with hdmi
500gb sata harddrive

All this for £100 (could probably get it for £90)

I was only interested in the computer as it seemed cheap and i want to MAKE money by reselling it, that the only reason i'm considering buying it, to make a profit.

So is this a good price, and what profit would i make??

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  1. I do not live in europe so i am not familiar with how much that is but i suppose that isnt a bad price, however i personally dont like the brand acer at all and i cant give a profit at the moment but id say you could probably make some money off it
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