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Spec me a future proof £1800 gaming & Lightroom 4 rig please

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June 22, 2012 12:54:11 AM

Hi guys/gals,

I'm in the market for a new desktop PC as I currently only have an Acer Aspire 5536 laptop that is quite frankly crippling me at the moment. I run Lightroom 4 and am shooting digital stills in RAW with many of the files being up to 40mb. When developing and exporting these pictures to Jpeg for prints etc this laptop either refuses due to lack of memory or otherwise takes an age to perform the task.

I am also interested in gaming on the PC in full HD. My current priority is lightening quick response with LR4 and would like to be able to play any game out there. I also intend to do video editing soon too. I know very little about specifications other than what I have learnt from casual research the last few days.

I would like a system built around an overclocked CPU that isn't going to be outdated any time soon, a single (not SLI) Nvidia Geforce GTX670 2GB, 120GB SSD, 1 or 2TB HDD 7200RPM, 16GB 1600MHz RAM and an ASUS PA238Q (Pro Art IPS monitor for accurate colours which is important for the photography).

I basically want the fastest PC with all peripherals for the above needs and don't want to spend any more than £1800 max. I would rather not enter the realms of trying to build my own PC so would likely get a company like Chillblast to build one.

I would also like the ability to add another monitor or two at some point, although will only buy one initially due to the cost.

Is it better to have the overclocked i5 or the Ivy bridge i7? Which processor would best suit my needs?

If any of you have any ideas as to how best achieve a fantastic build for the money then please let me know as I'm a little lost at the moment and trying to keep the costs down. I am of course open to suggestions of replacement parts to the ones I have mentioned above if you can explain why they may be better.

Also would it be a false economy to set up a system with the 1155 socket instead of the 2011 socket? By that I mean is the 1155 on the way out or will it stay supported for quite some time?

Also what size PSU would I need and when I add a further monitor will the power increase or do all monitors just run off their own independent supplies?

Basically I am a noob at all this so would appreciate your advice friendly forumites! :) 

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June 22, 2012 2:16:51 PM

Can anyone give me any advice please? Or for £1800 including a monitor, keyboard, mouse and basic speakers what would you say would be a decent build and use of the money?