Approx. £500 Gaming PC

Approximate Purchase Date: This week

Budget Range: £450-£500

System Usage from Most to Least Important: Gaming, Video editing.

Parts Not Required: Monitor (see additional comments)

Preferred Website(s) for Parts:, any other TRUSTED UK sites.

Country: UK

Parts Preferences: AMD CPU and any supported parts.

Overclocking: Maybe, when I'm more advanced

SLI or Crossfire: Crossfire, not sure though :/

Monitor Resolution: All I know, is the monitor is a 27" HD LG Gaming Screen.

Additional Comments: I would like to know if my PC will auto adjust to the size of the monitor. Also please tell me if i have forgotten any parts. Can you also tell me the best way to connect it to the internet. e.g. wireless card, ethernet, usb??


List of parts already selected:




Power Supply:

Graphics Card:




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  1. Sorry, I haven't found a GFX card, I'm still looking
  2. Bottom line? Your budget is too low to build a decent gaming PC on, I mean AMD CPU? 430W PSU?
  3. Do not listen to recon-uk, he's just telling you what you want to hear so he gets the best answer. That's all he does around here.
  4. Ignore recon-uk, he's a known troll around here who hides behind incorrect figures and pretend facts, somehow he's never caught because he just makes lie, after lie, after lie. Did you know that 87% of satistics are actually made up on the spot?

    No but seriously, who with even basic technical knowledge would run a gaming rig on 430W, that's just asking to break all your components lol.
  5. Quote:
    My stats:
    posts : 10974
    Points : 50821

    GeForce6's Stats:
    posts : 158
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    If i was a troll i would not have made it past 10 posts.

    Well I'm a troll and I did, obviously you're just not a very good one.

    Jokes over though,

    That case is awful, really should pick again.

    optical drive unreliable

    Jesus, that GPU is just awful, I mean... maybe for MMORPGs...

    Also, I'd advise an i3 or i5 build if you can
  6. Quote:
    Aplogies from me, but i will not let a child talk down to me like that.

    The PSU is bad quality, the fx 4100 is slower than the 965 BE in my build.

    Optical drive is fine, the case is functional but not exactly amazing.
    The Cavier blue HDD is a good price.

    Everything is compatible, just not the most well thought out parts ;)

    When you say the PSU is bad quality, do you mean the brand, wattage or what?
    Also, the CPU you recommended will be compatible too I assume.
    With the case, by functional but not amazing, how do you mean, is there certain things I should have on it?
    Also I'm new to building PC's thats why they're not thought out very well haha!
  7. Basically, the case is an ugly piece of crap, and probably has a load of problems too. I bet it dents easily, has horrible wiring, and probably not the best ventilation either. It might even be one that has sharp jagged edges that split your thumbs open while building.
  8. I hate electronics, worst thing in the world, but for every 10W it should be about £1, maybe £5 less for some, otherwise it's a piece of crap.
  9. Quote:
    I will ellaborate more in depth:

    Someone was drunk when they were coming up with their connector counts it would seem. A modern 750W unit with only 2 sata connectors but 7 molex connectors? Even my old system with 3 IDE HDDs didnt need 7 molex connectors, but my current one would need 4 SATA connectors but i certainly dont need the 850W unit for my system just so i dont have to use adapters.

    Also, the 12V capacity of all of those units is lacking. Best case scenario going down the list
    480W - 23A(276W)
    500W - 27A(324W)
    550W - 32A(384W)
    600W - 36A(432W)
    650W - 39A(468W)
    700W - 42A(504W)
    750W - 48A(576W)
    850W - 56A(672W)

    Now these are obviously not DC-DC units based on their 12V capacity and their increasing 3.3V and 5V capacity as their wattage increases, if they are DC-DC internals then they are overrated POS simple as that, their 750W unit wouldnt have the 12V capacity necessary to run many dual card setups especially not higher level ones. If a 750W PSU costs $30 you are just buying yourself a really pretty door stop that can make things glow, its not a power supply and its ignorant to believe that you can get a 750W unit for that little, the price of the parts alone would be that level for a decent 750W unit.

    So what you're saying is that my best bet is to go with the 450w one that you recomended earlier. I know this must be a pain for you experienced builders, but I've got to learn somehow.
  10. Quote:
    Go for the PSU i suggested, it can output it's full wattage.

    That list shows that CIT cannot output their rated wattages, and will likely end up blowing and killing your entire PC.

    Thanks, so Its the same list I posted except with the AMD Phenom II and the corsair 450w psu? Is there anything else I need to double check before buying?
  11. Quote:
    not really pal, just some tweaks on the PSU and the CPU ;)
    All else is good.

    Thanks so much for your help, is there a way to like vote your profile or something? It'd be good if more knew your helpful :)
  12. Haha :) Thanks again my friend.
  13. creepascave said:
    Thanks so much for your help, is there a way to like vote your profile or something? It'd be good if more knew your helpful :)

    Click the red thumbs down on all his posts
  14. GeForce6 said:
    Click the red thumbs down on all his posts

    Very creative, I will however, report you for being very unhelpful and undermining of people better at helping than you. :)
  15. Yipee, because the second I walk away from my computer this still effects me!
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