GTX 670/3570k £1200 Build Advice

Budget :£1200
System Usage: Gaming, Movies, Sound Recording
Country: UK
OC: Yes
SLI: Currently no, but possibly in the future

Hi community, after weeks of research i have narrowed down my new build specs to the following and have posted it here to here some sound advice from experts/experienced users to see if this build is good or not.

CPU (Intel Core i5 3570k):
CPU Cooler (Hyper 212 EVO):
MOBO (Asus P8Z77-V) :
GPU (Gigabyte GTX 670) :
RAM (8GB Corsair Vengeance 1600):
PSU (Corsair TX750M):
HDD (1TB Seagate Barracuda 7200RPM 64MB Cache):
DVD Drive(Sony 24x DVDRW):
Case (BitFenix Merc Alpha):
Monitor (Samsung 23.6" LED):
Keyboard (Logitech G110):
Mouse (Logitech G400):
Speakers (Creative A320 2.1):
OS (Windows 7 64-bit SP1):

Total: £1240

This is so far my parts list and I plan on getting it all this weekend, just want to make sure nothings missing or if any improvements/cuts can be made anywhere.
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  1. Looks good, but a 600 watt psu would be fine.
  2. Sorry for the weird links, doing all this on a small netbook.
  3. adgjlsfhk said:
    Looks good, but a 600 watt psu would be fine.

    Is it enough for the gtx 670 and cpu overclocked?
  4. Yeah it will be fine for one 670, but if you want to SLI not really.
  5. I can see no reason why you should SLI 670's. By the time you have $400 more, you might as well get a newer card. Also, there is no game that a 670 can not play.
  6. Hm ok well the tx750m is only about $10 more than the 650 version, so i think ill keep the 750w psu so ill definitely have enough power should i upgrade down the road.
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