£300 PC Overhaul (GPU, PSU, Monitor)

As it says in the title, atm im running with a q6600@3.0Ghz in a Gigabyte GA-P41T-D3, 4gb ddr3 and a 9800gt, all displayed on a 1280x1024 monitor. With the release of D3 (despite its low requirements compared to other new games) i have decided that should really upgrade my GPU and do it justice with a new monitor. I also require a new PSU since mine is both an awful brand and 500W (which is probably enough but i dont trust the brand).

Budget: ~£300, but ofc i could go margainally over if it warrants somthing far superior.

Monitor: Was thinking of getting a 1920x1080, or perhaps 1650x1050. Port does not matter.

PSU: Considering a Corsair TX650

GPU: Perhaps a 560ti (or a 660ti if i can hold out that long and the price is right), preferably Nvidia cards as i am a loyal customer.

Purchase date: As long in the future as 3-4 months really while i save money over the summer.

Purchasing Website: UK sites only please, anything like scan, aria, overclockers or amazon is fine.

Note that i know that my mobo is only PCIe 1.1x16 (i think anyway), however i have done some research and it seems that mid range cards will still not really be bottlenecked by this (there were some benchmarks done on toms somewhere).

Edit: FYI my long term plan is to upgrade the rest of the system next summer (2013), hopefully upon the release of Haswell.

Thanks in advance,
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  1. Definitely go 1080p (1920x1080).

    560ti is a good choice, but you can find great deals on the gtx 400 series. If you can find a 256bit gtx 460/465 or a 470 for 130.00 or less USD i would jump on it.

    650w is actually overkill for a single card and is not enough for most dual graphics cards, so it really has no place in the market. A quality 500w PSU with a 36-40amp 12vrail is ideal for a single GPU.
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