Gaming PC - £900-1000

about a month ago i got some help on these forums and started to build my pc up
So far i have a case - coolermaster HAF 912 plus

and have bought myself an SSD and a hard drive that I'm pretty happy with and windows 7, which I'm less happy with, but need to satisfy my gaming needs
I also already have 2 DVD-RW drives avaliable, as well as a monitor, keyboard and mouse

what I plan on buying next is -

Motherboard -
ASRock Z77 Extreme 4

corsair vengeance low profile

Intel 3570k

Cooler -
Hyper 212 evo


Now the confusion begins

Any help on whether the 2500k or the 3570k would be the one to buy
heard that pcie 3.0 will only be available on ivy bridge, but have also heard of temperature gains when compared to sandy bridge

The psu I selected here, is out of stock and is going to be resupplied 10 days ago......
was wondering if there are any others (preferably from or would be of a similar quality, at preferably the same price range. Also would 750W be enough to run this system, with either a GTX670 or a HD7850 possibly in SLi/XFire in the future?

On to the GPU - Am stuck between getting the 7850, and possibly another sometime in the future, or the GTX670
Was almost decided on the 7850 until a couple nights ago when fallout became unplayable after updating my drivers, meaning i could only be in interior cells, without a crash, and i have to coc command round to people houses in the game, which becomes a little frustrating!
Is it worth the extra £70-80 and living off cheese alone (have a giant stockpile for a reason I can not figure out) for around a month, for the extra performance, and also will the psu be okay with this, or can I perhaps even drop the wattage? And which is the best 670 to go for that will fit in to the HAF 912 case? I may SLi in the future, but the distant future, with a new PSU if i need to.

Last of all, the motherboard - I have heard great things about the MoBo i have chosen, but i am wondering if I will be able to fit my current DVD drives, as they're about 4 years old and i would like to use the cables i have connecting them right now
The 2 SATA cables that come with the board are going to be used for my Hard Driver and SSD unfortunately
And will the board be able to fit my sound card , tv tuner, 2 DVD drives and 2 storage drives comfortably?

Sorry for the giant post, and i will probably have forgotten something and have to add it in later, but thanks in advance for any advice!
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  1. Looks good!
  2. Going back to the stock drivers on the disk that came with my graphics card seem to have fixed the problems I was having
    Are the AMD/ATI drivers really as bad as people say?
    Leaning more and more towards the GTX 670 now
  3. I don't understand why people even say that AMD drivers are bad, I haven't used an AMD card in years personally but a friend of mine had the HD 5770 for a while and had no problems. He upgraded to the GTX 560Ti (clean OS and new motherboard) and had nothing but issues, as soon as he switched it for the HD 6950 it was fine.

    Not that I am saying Nvidia drivers are bad, I have had the 7400GS then the 7950GT then the GTX 460 and I have had a couple of minor issues but nothing major.
  4. So many decisions!
    I'm thinking it will be the 670 now, just for that extra bit of future-proofing
    Any ideas on which of the models to go for (preferably one avaliable on )?
    Pretty much decided that the 3570k is the one i'll go for simply because i don't plan on a major overclock and the hyper 212 evo seems like it will handle the clocks I will be running at no problem.
    Only the PSU left to decide on.
    Is 750W enough to run 2 670's in the system im looking at?
    Checked with an online calculator and it told me i needed 752W haha!
    Also if I decided not to worry about SLI what should i drop the wattage to?
    Thanks again
  5. Here's a similar build I was working on earlier today
    GPU:MSI GTX 670 2GB 256-bit
    mobo:GIGABYTE GA-Z77X-UD3H
    cooling:COOLER MASTER Hyper 212 EVO w/ Artic Silver 5
    ram:Corsair Vengeance 8GB(2x4GB) DDR3 1600
    SSD:Kingston HyperX 3K 90GB SATAIII
    HD:WD Caviar Blue 1TB 7200RPM sata 6.0GB/s
    optical:Samsung 22x DVD Burner
    PSU:PC Power and Cooling Silencer Mk II 750W High Performance 80PLUS Silver SLI CrossFire ready PSU
    case:NZXT GAMMA Classic Series Steel ATX Mid Tower
    keyboard and mouse: haven't picked one yet

    Total w shipping after rebates: $1188.55 which is about 750 gbp. Although that's shipping within the US. I don't know what it would cost to ship elsewhere.
  6. Can't believe the price difference over in the US, JAA228, compared to here
    Although it's probably to do with the exchange rate changing as it does
    Thanks for the links Why_Me, will 750W be able to handle SLI 670's yeah?
    Also, if anyone could give their opinion on the different models of 670 (heard the palit jetstream was a good buy, but wasn't sure about case dimensions etc)
  7. Btw people have been helping me make that build better all day. Here's a link to the thread:
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