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I'm looking to buy a desktop PC sometime by the end of this summer, as that is when I'll be back in UK. I'll be looking at something around 1500 pounds (everything within the case only). The purpose is gaming and video editing + I would like to invest for a top end sound set-up for playing/recording audio, as I'm a bit of an audiophile. I'm not sure of which website to buy from yet, so feel free to advise if you have positive experience with any particular one.

Approximate Purchase Date: end of summer 2012

Budget Range: around £1500

System Usage from Most to Least Important: games, video + sound editing

Parts Not Required: only PC setup is required

Preferred Website(s) for Parts: no preference, whichever is cheaper and dependable

Country: UK

Parts Preferences: no preference, you guys know better

Overclocking: Yes, I guess?

Monitor Resolution: 1920x1200

Additional Comments: I'll be using 2 monitors (maybe three later on), I would also appreciate the advice on best sound card, capture card, microphone, jacks, cables and anything else related to video and audio editing.

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  1. As an audiophile you'll be wanting a quiet PC I take it?
  2. I've not got a clue about audio stuff on a PC, but for the video-editing (and for your budget) I'd reckon you'll be interested in the i7-3770K CPU (£245). A decent motherboard to overclock on would be about £140. You'll want a decent amount of RAM...say 16GB? So that's another £90. HDD and PSU...budget another £150, and if you want an SSD boot drive then add another £150 to that too. A case to hold it all...£80?

    I don't know how much a GPU affects video-editing, so I won't recommend that. And no clue on audio hardware! But the above toe-in-the-water guestimate is £850ish, and you can shave stuff off that by not getting an SSD. Hope that helps...
  3. diellur said:
    I don't know how much a GPU affects video-editing, so I won't recommend that.

    Video Editing/rendering is initially CPU/RAM..the more the better, the powerful the best. Using Abobe's Mercury Playback engine would need a good GPU. Generally, it works through CUDA core (Quadros for example) unless one takes the OpenCL/GL route helping to look outside nVidia.
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