Help - £1,000 for Ivy Bridge + Monitor?

Hi all, looking for some help with this Ivy Bridge build :) Sitting on an i7-2670qm + gtx 555m + 120gb ssd laptop atm which is nice but lacks the graphical power of a desktop.

Approximate Purchase Date: I'm in no rush, but there is always something even better coming along..

Budget Range: £1000 including a decent monitor.

System Usage from Most to Least Important: Gaming, surfing, streaming. Games like TERA, GW2, Skyrim, Starcraft, Diablo etc.

Parts Not Required: I need everything except keyboard/mouse.

Preferred Website(s) for Parts: Scan looks good. Ebuyer and dabs also?

Country: UK

Parts Preferences: Intel and Nvidia. Nvidia just seems to work better for games I play, esp the Blizzard ones.

Overclocking: Makes sense to do it on the CPU, bit more risky on the GPU.

SLI or Crossfire: I think SLI is a waste. Double GPU cost + more expensive motherboard, double power, double heat, more expensive psu... for less than double performance and bugs in some games. No thanks.

Monitor Resolution: I'm guessing 1080p is the standard?

Additional Comments: If the case has a window, the inside has to be tidy. (Cables tucked away, possibly cooling like the H60/H100. Nice looking mboard.

A 120gb SSD will suit me just fine, nothing larger than that please.

Also ; I am very big on BANG FOR BUCK! Money isn't a huge issue, but I want the best performance for my £.
I know very little about monitors. Help would be appreciated.

Here's my £750 build idea so far, leaving £250 for a monitor and possible gpu upgrade.
(Ivy bridge i5, asus P8Z77-LX, 8gb vengeance, Arctic cooler 13, 120gb Corsair ssd, gtx560, antec 302 case and an xfx 550w psu)

Making it 'look cooler' as in H80, Sabertooth and Antec 902 would bring it up to £925 which I'm not sure is worth it, especially since I'm not convinced about SLI. I doubt an i7 upgrade is worth it for gaming, correct me if I'm wrong. Is that PSU okay? Will I be able to upgrade the GPU in a couple of years time?

I should add: I can go over £1000... but only if performance will be a lot better :) bang for buck and all that.
Thanks for your time.
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  1. Almost forgot : What do people think of dual screen and/or 3D for gaming?
    I'd pay more for that but only if it's any good. If it's all just gimicky then nah.
  2. Case with more size (width) for an after market cpu cooler. £59.16 Inc VAT
    Corsair Carbide 300R Mid-Tower Gaming Case

    RAM with low profile heat spreaders so you don't impede your cpu heat sink. £39.58 Inc VAT
    Corsair Memory 8GB Vengeance Jet Black Low Profile 8GB DDR3 1600 MHz CAS 9 XMP Dual Channel Desktop

    A decent cpu heat sink that works. £25.18 Inc VAT
    Coolermaster Hyper 212 EVO CPU Cooler for All Intel/AMD CPU's £192.94 Inc VAT
    Sapphire HD7870 GHZ EDITION AMD/ATI Graphics Card - 2GB
  3. I use an Antec 300 and have a massive cooler and theres plenty of space. However I've been looking at that Corsair 300R and its gorgeous, plus has holes for neater cable management, better cooling, especially if you get that H100 you can mount it right up top. I don't want your GPU to bottleneck you, go with the 560ti or even the 560ti 448 core.
  4. I heard the 660ti will be out in May, that might be a good bet. I can deal with the i5's cpu graphics for a few weeks...

    Not sure I see the point in a H100 if you can't see inside the case. The neat looks are the main draw point to that thing for me.

    Thanks for the replies so far :)
  5. Why_Me said:

    Erm that link is to a HD 7850, not a HD 7870. But still an excellent card now the drivers have been sorted out. Drains very little power for its performance, and quite a small card.
    I personally perfer the MSI Twin Frozr III OC Edition 7850, but tbh I don't know if its any better than the Sapphire, just Twin Frozr is a highly regarded cooler config.
    On "" you will notice that the HD 7850s are largely always out of stock, this is because of some problem with 28nm manufacturing.
    However you can get it from: Here

    Excellent advice for the HD 7850 over the 560 [Ti]
  6. In terms of a monitor- take a look at this:

    £165: Full 1080 HD and 3D LED backlit, 23"- Included 2x Glasses that are non-flicker, no batteries [so your eyes won't get tired/ you won't get a headache and you don't need to constantly recharge], & can play content in normal 2d. Comes with some software needed to play 3d games [theres another link on the page that gives a long list of compatibility- All blizzard games are on there].
    And from what I hear the 2D-3D conversion is good too.
    Even if it wasn't 3D, it would still be a good monitor.

    Look's pretty good to me - there are some unboxings on youtube.
    Oh and comes with free AC: Brotherhood :)
  7. Eh I'm still kinda cautious about 3d..
  8. Just because a monitor is 120Hz doesn't mean you have to use 3D. Just disable it.
  9. Bah just read the 660ti will be in q3...
    Best value gpu...???

    Prefer current gen so that leaves AMD 7 series and GTX 680.
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