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  1. Seems ok but i would bump the core down to a i5 3570k when it comes out later this month (as i7s are generally not much better for gaming as hyberthreadings more for running several different tasks/ video editing.What about the Case,HD,OS u already got them and if u but be careful buying from WAEPLUS (seem to have very bad reviews ie taking weeks to deliver)
  2. Agree that getting an i7 is pointless for gaming, if you're not waiting for Ivy Bridge get the i5-2500K.

    Personally the only difference I can see between the motherboard you chose and the one below is that yours has 2 Firewire ports (1 on the back panel):
    Asus P8Z68-V/GEN3 £120
    So if you don't need Firewire then the fact that it it cheaper makes it the better choice. Unless you know of another difference which is important to you.

    Better (and actually more powerful) PSU:
    XFX Pro 550W Core Edition 80Plus Bronze £48 (£2 delivery)

    An all-in-one water cooler (like the Corsair H60) is no better for overclocking than a good air cooler, so he could probably save ~£10 there.
  3. I'd agree with Silvune's comments, although by more powerful he means greater amperage on the 12V line which is the most important line.

    I'd be a little wary of WAEplus.co.uk as i've never heard of them before but if you do buy i'd love to hear how you got on as they have decent prices.

    Finally is a hard drive required? or an OS? as i don't see them in your selection.
  4. The hard drive is a 500GB one.

    As for the water cooling, what suggestions do you have? He wants to overclock to like 4.2GHz.

    As for the i5, I thought the i7 would be a better choice? Since I thought they'd be top of the line ...
  5. Depends on what he's going to use the PC for. If it's just games get he 2500k
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