£1300 gaming pc advice on motherboard

the parts:

corsair 850w enthusiast
corsair vengeance 8gb RAM
Zalman z11 plus and necessary fans
Asus blu ray drive
6gb/s 7200rpm 500gb HDD yet to decide on brand
xfx hd7870
CPU cooler yet to decide
ssd 64gb
windows 7
27 inch monitor
motherboard: 990fx either asus crosshair or gigabyte ud7 i dont know which to get please help. I will add a sound card and another hd7870.

Before i buy the parts please can you tell me which motherboard to get. Thanks. :sol:
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  1. i would suggest this build

  2. On that budget you should go with the i5-2500k cpu.
  3. I can fit a GTX 680 on your budget with a the option to SLI at a future date unless you really want 7870's.
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