Building extreme gaming rig- £3500 for the pc only not peripherals

Hi, i want to build an extreme rig used for gaming with blistering frames per second on triple monitors, i arent sure whether this will perform. The parts i would like are:
3930k overclocked to about 4.6ghz and with a corsair H100
asus rampage IV extreme
16gb quad channel 1866 corsair memory
corsair 1200 watt psu
corsair force gt ssd
wd caviar black 1tb hdd
what graphics card(s) would be the best to offer optimal performance on games such as mw3 and bf3? Nvidia or amd i don't mind. Whichever will give me the best performance running a game on ultra.

Many thanks Jack
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  1. AMD 7970 and you can Crossfire in the future.
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