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£500 Gaming PC

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February 21, 2012 12:16:23 PM

Hey, I'm going to be getting a new PC and I don't really have any idea where to start if you could help me at all that would be brilliant!

Approximate Purchase Date: First week of March

Budget Range: up to £500

System Usage from Most to Least Important: Gaming, video editing, home use

Parts Not Required: Keyboard, Mouse, Monitor, OS

Preferred Website(s) for Parts: Any(in the UK)

Country: The UK

Parts Preferences: None

Overclocking: Maybe

SLI or Crossfire: No

Monitor Resolution: 1280x1024(getting a new monitor a few months after the PC itself so I'll be using a higher one soon).

Additional Comments: Ideally I would like to be able to run BF3 and Skyrim quite well. I'll also be using AVID, AE, PS and similar programs on it.

If you need any more in formation just ask!


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February 21, 2012 1:51:48 PM

Hey! Yeah, im was aiming for about the same and that started way before christmas, and my original budget was around £300 but no way that was going to happen! :D  But saying that I had to buy Monitor etc. These are the specs I went with Mate;

Processor; AMD Phenom II X4 960T
GPU; XFX ATi Radeon HD 6770
Motherboard; MSI 870-C45 (nice board, overclocking switch.)
RAM; Corsair XMS3 4GB
HDD; Western Digital Caviar Green 1TB (nice 64mb cache.)
PSU; XFX 650w Semi Modular XXX Edition PSU (nice modular capability)
CPU Cooler; Arctic Cooling Freezer A30 (only released this week and looks sweet)
Case; Coolermaster 430 Elite (comes with nice blue led front fan)

There you go, I dont knowe the exact prices of these but they definately came under £500 and because of that you could probably upgrade some parts and it should run fine for casual gaming and media +web use (as I intend to do aswell). :D 

The website I used is, they are a nice, secure UK company who ship real fast. BEWARE! Do not buy from, as you may be fooled by their cheaper than average prices and snazzy website. I brought a processor from them before xmas, didnt come so I cancelled it. they said it was still in France (which they say to everyone else as I have read up on them in the Guardian and other places) I have still not recieved any form of payment and I have been told several times, by their shitey customer services, that I will recieve it the next working day!

There you go Mate :) 
Good Luck

Oh yeah and by the way this my first build too :) 
February 21, 2012 5:34:16 PM

£500 is a decent budget, you can pretty much max skyrim on a £300 budget at 1080p (if you only buy the tower).

My suggestion:

Intel i3 2100 £ 89

Gigabyte GA-H61MA-D3V £48

8GB Mushkin 1600 c9 £35

MSi GTX 560 £120

500GB Seagate £58

XFX Core 550W £52

Fractal Core 3000 £48


Total cost (with VAT and P&P) £473.48

You won't be able to overclock on this build, but sandy bridge is nippy anyway. The only problem i can see woudl be that the i3 2100 is only a dual core, it has hyper threading though so you'll get 4 threads.

I personally wouldn't buy from dabs as i think they're overpriced, 2 sites you could look at are and (and obviously)
February 21, 2012 6:37:45 PM

Like Metal Orient said, £500 is a really good budget.

This is my suggestion:

CPU: Intel Core i5 2500K 3.3GHz £121.77

Mobo: Asus P8Z68-V LX £76.37

GPU: PowerColor AMD Radeon HD 6850 £133.99

RAM: Corsair Vengeance 8GB DDR3 1600 MHz £37.90

Case: Fractal Design Core 3000 £47.99

HDD: Seagate 500GB 3.5" SATA-III £57.58

Opticals: LiteOn iHAS124 24x DVD±RW

PSU: Corsair 500W CX V2 PSU

Total Cost: £504.97

BF3 is quite a cpu intensive game and uses up to 4 cores. That's why i recommend the i5 which is a four core processor, you could swap it for an i3 to make it cheaper though. The reason is a bit more expensive is because this should last you quite a long time and this could max out any game on ultra settings:)