£400-£500 Gaming 1st build (AMD) Please help :)

Approximate Purchase Date: (within the month)

Budget Range: (£500-£400)

System Usage from Most to Least Important: (Gaming, watching films, web browsing and coursework)

Parts Not Required: (monitor, using hd tv)

Preferred Website for Parts: (cheapest)

Country: (UK)

Parts Preferences: by brand or type (AMD)

Overclocking: Yes

SLI or Crossfire: Yes

Monitor Resolution: (HD TV not sure about resolution, 32" 720p though )

Additional Comments:

I've had a shop around i like the look of the AMD Phenom 2 x4 995 BE, overclocked to 3.8 GHz.

As for everything else, I'm pretty lost, but ive had a go at puttin some stuff together below;

Processor - AMD Phenom 2 X4 955
motherboard - ASRock 990FX Extreme3
RAM - Corsair Vengeance 16 GB : 4 x 4 GB Memory 1600 MHz ??
graphics card - Sapphire RADEON HD 6850 Graphics card
Seagate Barracuda 7200.12 Hard Drive 1000GB 7200RPM SATA 32MB
CDB Samsung SH-B123L/RSBP blue ray disk drive ??
Not sure on power supply or crosslinking.

Please tell me if any of these are good lol, and what im missing. I like the idea of 16GB RAM for bragging rights and re-sale but is it too much ?

Thanks for any replys
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  1. 16GB is way too much.

    Games won't use more than 3GB or so let alone 16GB. 8 is generally considered the best price vs performance point, but on a £500 budget, id even be looking at 4GB (2x2GB) 1600Mhz.

    Second.... x4 955, 990FX and only a 6850.....? No no no.

    i3-2100, maybe squeeze i5-2500k in if possible. Killer performance and will outplay anything AMD has to offer.
    Z68 motherboard (to allow for future CPU upgrade)
    GTX 560Ti or AMD 6950 GPU
    4GB 1600Mhz RAM, maybe 8GB see where the rest of the build takes you budget wise
    Case - Cheap-ish (Sub £50) Mid-Tower ATX
    HDD - VERY expensive currently, do you really need 1TB? If no, look at 320GB/500GB until prices return to stable.
    PSU - 500w minimum, look for 80PLUS ratings, Corsair/XFX/Antec/SeaSonic recommended
  2. With the RAM, the simple answer is yes. As far as I'm aware, no current game uses more than 4GB. I would go with 4GB personally, get 8GB if you have to but it's not going to give any more gaming performance.

    I would consider an Intel processor as well, the Pentium G620 gives similar performance to the Phenom II in games for half the price. An i3-2100 would be a bit better for the same price. You can't overclock these chips but the Phenom will only start to beat an i3 (in games) at around 3.8 - 4Ghz.

    For £500 you can get much better performance:

    4GB Mushkin Silverline
    Gigabyte GA-H61MA-D3V
    500GB Seagate Barracuda 7200.12
    Fractal Design Core 1000
    530W be quiet! Pure Power
    Samsung SH-S222AB/BEBE DVD Writer

    For the graphics card you could either get an HD 6870 1GB and still have enough cash for a Crucial M4 64GB SSD. This would give decent gaming performance and the SSD speeds up program loading times and boot times. Or you could drop the SSD and get a GTX 560Ti 448 instead. This would sacrifice the fast loading and booting for better gaming performance.

    Either way that will come to ~£500 on www.aria.co.uk

    Both options should give a noticeable improvement in FPS in games.
  3. Thanks for the replys guys, I've heard rave reviews about the intel i5 2500k but its pricey.
    So is the x4 955 overlocked to 3.8 GHz any good compared to the intel i3 2100 ?
    I think ill opt for 8Gb of RAM and 500Gb HDD also, and as for the graphics cards, I'm a bit lost with them, so ill trust your opinions.

    As for the SSD', are they really worth the money ?

    Thanks again guys
  4. Do you need an OS?
  5. 7slaterj said:

    As for the SSD', are they really worth the money ?

    Thanks again guys

    I wouldn't got for one with that price range. And it is a component you can easily upgrade to later if need be.
  6. 7slaterj said:
    Thanks for the replys guys, I've heard rave reviews about the intel i5 2500k but its pricey.
    So is the x4 955 overlocked to 3.8 GHz any good compared to the intel i3 2100 ?
    I think ill opt for 8Gb of RAM and 500Gb HDD also, and as for the graphics cards, I'm a bit lost with them, so ill trust your opinions.

    As for the SSD', are they really worth the money ?

    Thanks again guys

    Yes, intel i3 2100 is more better than x4 955 even if you over clocked it to 3,8 in gaming and encoding performance..
    and the interisting fact is that G860 has the same performance with x4 955..
    go here if you need more answer :

    Yes, Thats SSD worth for the money..
    Unless you didnt need fast loading game and fast booting windows, and you satisfy with your classic hard drive...

    I sugest you to try it 1st before you buy it or..
    Buy it when your new computer rig didnt meet your needs for your hard drive speed..
  7. I'd say no to getting an ssd, i'd rather spend more cash on a graphics card for a higher fps, but I game on a 9500gt and i'm fine with the slower loading times.
    Also, I always hear people recommend going with 4gb on budget builds, but when I play crysis I see my ram usage very close to 4gb at times, though i would agree 4gb is fine most of the time
  8. thanks for even more replys guys,

    I'm pretty certain that i want an AMD x4 995 BE (£80), but ! . . ,
    i can get hold of an i5 2500k for £40 more (£120), were as the i3 is £90.
    Over clocked I've read the 995 BE is just as good as the i3, if not better using 4 cores.
    And am i right in thinking the motherboards for a amd are cheaper ?

    I want 8 GB of RAM too, just for comfort, and i also want to sell this on after ive bulit it after ive used it for a little while.

    And now with the inclusion of using a ssd alongside hdd my choices are becoming more and more complicated haha,

    and a graphics card, i have no idea where to go in this department.

    The cheaper the better guys !

    Thanks again
  9. for your budget range probably an hd 6870, 6950 or 560ti if you can fir it
    i'd go for i3 2120 since amd is kinda of a dead-end
  10. How come amd is a dead end ? I'm not looking into future upgrades or anything, just a project really for experience and for temporary gaming.

    How about AMD FX-4100, over-clocked ?? is that better than the 995 BE ?

    6870 graphics card looks good for my budget, (graphic cards look damn cool) haha !
  11. Oh, Marshall 63, as for an OS, I'm opting for 64 bit windows 7. My university will have it cheap for sure.
  12. What?, ok so you guys are telling him 2 Ultimate Intel cores are better than a Super excellent still great quad core?, uh no. Dude get the 955 and the 990FX will do enough for what you wanna do. I tried it for a few weeks before i upgraded my CPU. i used a Sabertooth 990FX and a 955. Now compared to my old Chipset M4A88td evo board, after i got my new Sabertooth and i had to update bios to support my FX, but before i got FX in i tried the 955. my frames for BF3 went from have 45 avg to 55 with the new chipset. Now ofcourse i got like 70 with Auto tuned settings, Which is High for me but not Ultra. and in my opinion i don't need to play it ultra. Now a good Moral to go by when building a computer, is to pick your parts and be happy with your build, if your not happy with your build, then some part needs to be changed. Now if you wanna spend the same money for a "Dual core" then go ahead, but if you want a "Quad" core the 955 will be fine. eh the I5 is a good upgrade but its gonna cost you more because your gonna have to move around your budget some, maybe minus some on the amount spent on Intel Mobo, then up budget on CPU. its kinda a balance game when switching platforms, I mean you will be ahead of the game with a I5
  13. Thankds rockdpm, I thought the 955 BE was good lol, then I got thrown of by the i3 people. I think i will stick with that.

    Can you help me get a well balanced build around this processor then ? Nice and cheap, but with good enough credentials to sell on for a fair price.
    Oh, and if i build a pc, can I sell it on for more or less ? Becauce if i can sell them for more, it would be helpful to support my studies (books etc ;-D )

  14. You always 'lose' money when you sell a pc, but you will be able to sell it I'm sure.
    Also, there's no need for a 6950 or probably even a 6870 since you're playing at 720p, it is less demanding. I'm sure both the 955 and i3 would suit you fine.
  15. if you want to stick to AMD got for this
    You can easily unlock all 6 cores and clock it to 4Ghz
  16. Always ??? :'(
    I was hoping for a cheeky profit lol

    I've found an i5 2500k for £110, is that good ?
    Also a x4 955 BE for £80 ???

    As for the graphics, I'm still confused, but 6950 looks good . . lol :D
  17. Maxinexus, is that processor better than the 955 BE ?? because its the same price, and im in the uk, does new egg ship to me at reasonable prices ??
  18. 2500k for 110 quid? If it's legit, go for it. The 2500k is pretty much the best game processor out there, and it's also unlocked so you can have fun overclocking it(it overclocks far better than the phenom iis).
  19. It's a good price i know, how about a z68 chipset to go with it ?
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