400£ Barebones

I am looking to spend about 400£ on a very good gaming system. The only things i need are

I was thinking about the intel core i5 2500k but not too sure. I have already done some decent stuff on amazon

Intel core i5 2500k
Corsair Venegance 8GB
Asus P8Z68-V PRO/GEN3
not sure what case so chose an 80£ coolmaster
Total: 428£

I want this to be a little bit lower but not dropping on the preformance. I will be playing heavy games like Crysis 2 and i want to be able to record TF2 at super high fps. I will be playing pretty much every game on steam and Skyrim. I will also be doing Adobe After effects CS4 and Blender.

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  1. Here you go...just under £350:


    Thing is, the performance in the games will depend mainly on what GPU you have. The i5-2500K is the best bang-for-buck gaming CPU right now, so that's a good start.

    I'm not sure how many threads the Adobe packages use...an i7 CPU would possibly be better if they can take advantage of the hyper-threading, but on the other hand there's the cost / benefit balance. If you spend more time on average using programs that are heavily threaded then you may want to consider and i7.
  2. I have a GTS 250 OC'ed atm.

    Does this site deliver to the uk??

    Anyone else have any input

  3. Scan? Yup. One of the best sites in the UK, really.

    A 250 might not be enought, tbh. A 560Ti with the above-mentioned rig would do you well. Or a 6950, if you're of the AMD persuasion.
  4. AE can be set up to use more than one thread, to start its single-thread but it can take advantage of multiple cores too, which really helps. Also, the 250 would definitely bottleneck the i5, so I recommend going with a little cheaper motherboard, something like the Biostar H61MGC, and then buying a 6790-6870, depending on how much you want to spend. That will put you probably a little over $500 but it'll be worth it.
  5. +1

    Although, by getting an H61 board, you will restrict your overclocking options.
  6. ^ +1 :P
  7. I am going to keep the GTS 250 for now and save up money over the next year to buy the pc. Then i will buy a 560ti or equivient.

    I am mainly focused on making sure the main parts of the machine are solid so that i can play all the modern games at high Fps and high quailuty whilst recording for youtube.

    I realy need to think about my case as well. I want to put some LED's in it to make it look awesome. Im not going to overclock hevily. Just to about 4.2 maybe 4.5 (i have never OC'ed a CPU before so will ask for help on that in the future)

    Will i need to buy a better cooler to go up to 4.2??

  8. Yeah, you would if you wanted to keep temperatures pretty low. You don't technically need it, but I'd recommend it. Also, if you want good framerates, most games rely on the graphics card pretty heavily, so you'll need to upgrade that to do so.
  9. If you're overclocking, you'll need a new cooler...the stock one that ships with the CPU is fine for stock usage, but not at all when you start ramping up the speed and temps. There are plenty of cases out there that you can 'bling'...the Scan website I linked earlier has a good selection from budget to premium, to suit all tastes.

    If you're not buying the PC now, I'd not worry about putting a build together (although it's good to get an idea of what's available). Things will shift over the next few months as they always do...the i5-2500K isn't going to go away overnight, but when you have the cash you may find there are better options.
  10. Are you sure a Gts 250 1GB wont be good enough for now?

    I will upgrade but need to save up. When i do upgrade what do i need and what can my case take

    Atm i am making sure the rest of my build is great and has upgradeability as and when i can afford it :p

  11. the 2500k will be bottlenecked by the 250... if you're only worried about gaming, you could save 100 bucks (or whatever currency should be about the same) and get the core i3 2120, then use the money saved to get a better GFX card like the Radeon 6790.
  12. or you could also just wait a while before buying anything, and start looking into it again when ivy bridge/kepler come out
  13. ^ or that :P
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