Need instant help, looking to order in the next hour, £1100 gaming pc

Looking to order in the next hour, just want to make sure that this build is definately compatible.
thanks in advance!+Dark+Rock+Advanced+Quiet+CPU+Cooler+?productId=43590

all running in this case :

also would be using this :

not really looking for advice on any changes although any would be appreciated, I mainly just want to know that these are all compatible, thanks
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  1. Only change i'd suggest is changing the Cooler to CM 212 Evo but otherwise looks fine.
  2. theyre out of stock and i read a really bad review on it, im hoping this one will be fine, if not i will change it to that, thanks for the help
  3. The cooler will be good (and certainly looks good) but at £40 is too expensive for my tastes.

    Xigmatek Gaia keeps my CPU cool and is inaudible, especially when the GPU starts to get warmer and was only £17
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