Pc to run battlefield 3 on ultra settings for budget £450

Approximate Purchase Date: One or two weeks from now maximum.
Budget Range: £450 to £480.
System Usage from Most to Least Important: Just gaming.
Parts Not Required: Mouse, monitor, keyboard, OS, and hdd is questionable.
Resolution: 1440x900
No prefered websites.
Country GB.
No brand preferences.
Overclocking: Possible
Doesn't matter whether sli or crossfire or none of them.
Please guys help me, i need to be able to run battlefield 3 on ultra settings for this budget. I know it is possible so please one of you be that nice and help :( thanks in advance.
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  1. Hello sxyrg;

    What's your idea on how you'd make that happen with £450?
    You'd need £85 just for the OS alone.
  2. Yeah, that can be done for £450. If you're playing on a 800 x 600 panel.
  3. Os is not necessary I do own windows 7 64bit.
  4. What else arent you telling us?
    If you fill out the form in *How To Ask For New Build Advice* you'll answer all the standard questions that help things get started.
  5. Please guys give it a best shot :( I mean additional £30 should not be a problem.
  6. I'm sorry but I don't think ultra settings is in your price range. Medium to high at best.
  7. How is that possible though? My friend done it for a price of £420 and also it is a laptop? He did get his parts from canada though as I think they are cheaper? He can run every game so far that I seen on highest setting O.o and if not what would be the best possible build for that ammount of money? can go up to maximum of £500 or even a bit more i am not sure.
  8. He's pulling your leg. There's no way that's possible even on a low resolution laptop panel.

    Here, fill the form http://www.tomshardware.co.uk/forum/261222-13-build-advice You left out things like your resolution.
  9. Reso would be 1440x900 and unfortunatelly he is not as much as i wish :(
  10. If you're OK buying used something like that would do high settings.
  11. Yes buing used computer is fine by me and to furthermore imrove to ultra quality what has to be changed? because review of the graphics card and the cpu it has should be able to run it. At least it does on youtube.
  12. At your resolution it might be smooth at ultra.
  13. Is there any way I could check it? and could you please if you have time suggest another build or set up? used or not it doesnt matter, but could go up to £500 maybe even a bit more. Thank you so much for your help.
  14. Well you should aim for a 560 Ti or 6950 or better.

    Actually since you don't need HDDs and OS you might be able to get a new system.


    PowerColor HD 6950 2GB GDDR5 DVI HDMI 2mini DisplayPort PCI-E Graphics Card includes Free Deus Ex download whilst stocks last 254950 116 in stock £197.98 £197.98
    (free accessory) AMD Deus Ex Game Coupon 281324 1 in stock £0.00 £0.00
    Asus P8Z68-V LX Socket 1155 Onboard graphics output 8 Channel Audio ATX Motherboard 281367 213 in stock £78.99 £78.99
    Intel Core i5 2500K 3.3GHz Socket 1155 6MB Cache Retail Boxed Processor 251596 539 in stock £172.55 £172.55
    Antec VP 550W PSU 278492 2 in stock £49.37 £49.37
    G-Skill 4GB DDR3 1333MHz Memory Module CL9(9-9-9-24) 1.5V Unbuffered Non-ECC 282306 40 in stock £14.99 £14.99

    Total: £513.88
  15. I would never ever buy a used custom built pc . . . but thats me. you have no idea what the person has done to it. just build your own. finally you will not be able to max out bf3 with your budget range.
  16. Does the graphic card has to be 2gb? or is it just ideal?
  17. No, but the 2 GB one was only £2 more.
  18. i5 2400 (processor)
    MSi Gtx560Ti 2gb(gpu) or powercolor 6950 2gb
    some cheap mobo like asrock around 60-80euro
    4gb ram or get those 2x4gb kit g.skill ripjawsx
    some nice 500w psu or seasonic 520w
    haf 912 chassis

    this should be around 500euro and it's all brand new, you can play bf3 if not high/mid setting and well you can even put other stuff on ultra/high setting, just a mixture but not all ultra
  19. sxyrg said:
    My friend done it for a price of £420 and also it is a laptop? He did get his parts from canada though as I think they are cheaper?
    What did he get?
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