New Build £850

£600-£850ish to spend

Used for:-
Professional Audio Production - I have external soundcard
Professional Photoshop
Gaming <Rig that will last with title releases in the future

I only need a MOBO / GPU / PSU / CPU :) I have a standard Sata HD but is there some crazy new one I dont know about around?

The plan was to possibly buy a overclocked bundle deal from or

As I am once again 'out of the loop' what would you guys recommend me doing/buying

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  1. I found these two deals that look good

    Would anyone recommend? If so which one

  2. For the deals you've answered your own question.
    The i7 will work fine, will the i5 be good enough?
    So i7 it is.
    I think I'd go -V for the mobo, £30 less than the pro and I can't see much difference in the spec.
    With the budget you have left you're looking at Radeon HD6970 or Nvidia GTX570 - but this stuff is beyond my pay grade as it were.
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