£1000 home/gaming pc first ever build

Approximate Purchase Date: next 2 months

Budget Range:less then £1000

System Usage- home use,office use,gaming and music

Parts Not Required: keyboard, mouse

Country: UK- london

Parts Preferences: ANY

Overclocking: Maybe

Monitor Resolution: the biggest, may use my 32 inch t m

Additional Comment: need to have 3D,windows7, be quite and must look fancy e.g lights the lot
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  1. Hello
    For £100 as said before it's not a lot but if your using your own monitor then it helps so i suggest you do that for now untill you can afford another monitor :)

    So here we go:

    Windows 7 64bit: £72

    Case: £20 (Cheep BUT really good)

    Blue Lights: £4 (Lighting solution ;) )

    Motherboard: Asus crosshair formula V £170

    CPU: AMD FX-4 4100 BE £90

    PSU: XFX 850W PRo £80

    RAM: G-Skill 8GB (2x4GB) DDR3 1600Mhz RipjawsX £36x2 = £74

    GPU: Gainward GTX 560Ti £220

    3D Vision Kit: Nvidia £112

    3DMonitor: LG DM2350D 23in 3D £225

    Making a grand total of £1060

    I know it's slightly over, if you raelly have to stick to £1000 then let me know and ill shuffle about a bit

    I chose AMD because it's a lot cheeper allowing you to get better components.
    If you dont want the 3D kit and monitor then you can get in the Asus 580 Matrix which is one of the best graphics cards.
    Included you have the best AMD motherboard available, a really good CPU and i've realised that i forgot about your HDD and optical, but im guessing your using a computer now rite?
    If not again let me know and ill shuffle a bit :)

    All the best and good luck
  2. What about a mars 11
  3. And could I use water cooling and add a 3D graphics Card or is my budget to small.
  4. Your budget is too small for water cooling by quite a bit. It's not the 3D card that is way out of your price range. It's the 3D monitor.

    Noahscorp gave you a solution that includes 3D glasses, but I think it's the wrong monitor. You need a 120mhz monitor such as this one:

    In noahscorp's build you have a weaker GPU and CPU, so you'll have to decide what your priorities are.
  5. the mars II? Its over £1000 and pointless :P

    In my build youll be able to run BF3 in ultra/ish with a little tweek on your GPU, otherwise get the matrix and leave out the 3D for now, the matrix will do anyything you throw at it.

    My apologies about the monitor i didnt read it all, its rather a 3D "effect" :P
    And its not a 3D graphics card, you just need an Nvidia card rater than ATI and the 3D kit with a 3D monitor :)
    How much could you push your budget? If you could go up to £1150ish then get this monitor:
    Its the one i use :)

    My suggestion woud be to get the matrix on my build, and leave out the 3D kit and monitor for a little while, maybe buy one piece a month over 2 months?

    But for what your uses are you wont need to over spen on an intel chip :)
    For my build without the 3D kit and monitor but with an asus matrix 580 it comes just under £1000 :)
    Or mix and match between me and proximon by all means :P
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